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how emma rodelius is cool!

Cassie Bunkers

on 16 April 2010

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Transcript of EMMA RODELIUS!

Why Emma Rodelius is cool. Emma is the bestest! She has a froot loop shirt and its pretty great (: ! She has red hair! and right now she has green eyes. they tend to change. She is kinda kookie and cool! Yes i did just say kookie...got a problem? Im going to tell you a story! There once was a man named LEVI! yes emma i came up with my own name. He had a box of french fries.. then dropped them. he left them there and then the birds ate them. So... he had a magic garden. The end! (: WAIT WAIT!! im not done!! Emma decided to move to germany. To live with the sheep and such. So she was herding her sheep.. and then.. all of a sudden...... A SHEEP TURNED INTO A COW!! OMG!! So then she was like why would i want a cow?? and gave it away for free. (yes free i no why would you give a cow away for free only a crazy person would do this. Yet emma is crazy. So then she went back to her sheep. She then started eating a pretzel. now dont ask me where she got this pretzel.... but she was eating it. Any way this sheep took the pretzel right out of her hand and ate it! So then she screamed... WHY AM I IN GERMANY?????? She hated it so much she moved back to maryland.. where she has cows. Yes she has cows. and she gave that cow away for free when she knows how much the cost. Who knows whats going through this girl named emmas head. That is why emma rodelius is cool! THE END!
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