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Phone for Dorothy and tom and sara and sean

ICT class work finding phones for an 84 year old women called Dorothy who has arthritis also doing one on there for tom and sara who are taking a gap year and going around the world.Sean is a student who's school lets him take his tablet to school.

Michael Pryke

on 22 November 2012

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Transcript of Phone for Dorothy and tom and sara and sean

photo (cc) Malte Sörensen @ flickr This is the Bluechip BC51 mobile phone.
It would be good for Dorothy to use
because it has big keys that are easy to use, it also has a SOS button that Dorothy could press in a emergency. Phones for Dorothy, Tom
and Sara and Sean This is the CBM65 phone this phone would be good for Dorothy because it has large keys and a easy to read display. The next video shows the Bluechip BC51 and explains its features. The next video shows the CBM65 and its features. This is Dorothy. Dorothy is a 84 year old women who has
arthritis and finds it difficult to use
small things. She needs a phone that is
easy to use and has large buttons
and a large screen. This is Tom and Sara they are taking
a gap year and need a phone with lots of
features. The first phone i suggest for Tom and
Sara is the Samsung galaxy ace 2. The Samsung galaxy ace 2 has Skype, easy access to Facebook and a good camera and it also has a easy to use GPS system installed. It
would be a good phone for Tom and Sara to take traveling. My next phone i suggest for Tom and Sara is the Nokia lumia 900 The Nokia lumia 900 would be good for Tom and Sara because, it has a high mega pixel camera, simple access to Skype and Facebook and easy to read maps. The next phone I have chosen for Tom and Sara it the Iphone 4s. The iphone 4s would be good for tom and Sara because of the faster processing power, it has a good camera, 1080p video and there is siri who can help them when wanting to find something. The next i have chosen for tom and Sara
is the Htc one x+ The Htc one x+ would be good for tom and Sara because it has a long battery life. A large memory and a good speaker, easy to read screen. A 1.6 megapixel camera. My final phone i have chosen for Tom and Sara
is the Blackberry Bold 9900. I think that the blackberry bold 9900 would be good for Tom and Sara because large screen, a good keyboard, a good video player/ shooter a OK camera. This is Sean. Sean is at school and studying for his GCSEs. He loves music and socializing online. He is studying Sciences, French, Art and Drama. Sean's school says he can use his phone or tablet in lessons but only to help him learn The tablet i suggest for Sean is the ipad 3 Here are some good apps for sean to use Maths Common Entrance 13 which is
£2.49. History 13+ which is £2,49.
Science 13+ which is £1.99.
Religious Studies Common Entrance 13+ which is £2.49. Star Walk for iPad - interactive astronomy guide which costs £1.99. Physics AS which is £2.49.
Biology GCSE which is £1.99
BBC Bitesize Business it costs £1.49
Math board it costs £2.99
Monster anatomy hd lower limb it costs £13.49 which is a bit expensive.
Sketchbook pro which is £2.99
Biology GCSE which is £1.99
Physics AS which is £2.49
French Free 24/7 is free
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