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A Raisin in the Sun

No description

Julia Schloss

on 15 January 2013

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Transcript of A Raisin in the Sun

Sun by Julia Schloss and Michelle Pinheiro da Cruz Structure 1. new vocabulary
2. author
3. key facts
4. title
5. sociogram/ characterization
6. summary
7. historical background
8. touched topics
9. literature
10. trailer/ other books
11. quiz
12. own opinion
13. sources Lena Younger "Mum" Walter Lee Younger Beneatha Younger Ruth Younger Joseph Asagai married siblings daughter in law son daughter Walter Lee Younger - protagonist of the play
- typical Afro-American man in the 20s (improve
economic prosperities)
- wants the best for his family (but reacts selfish)
- stubborn, dreamer
- wants to invest in his own liquor store
- chauffeur for white people Lena Younger "Mum" - head of the family
- widow
- religious
- strong personality
- she is a maid of a white family
- wants to invest in a new house Beneatha Younger - Walter’s sister;
- 20 years old
- intellectual
- wants to become a doctor
- dates/ falls in love with Joseph Asagai
- wants to learn all about the African heritage Ruth Younger -Walter’s wife and Travis’s mother
- about 30 years
- emotional strong woman/ pessimistic
- does the laundry for other people
- does not believe in Walter’s liquor shop idea
- happy about the new house Joseph Asagai - Nigerian student
- intellectual
- proud of African heritage
- in love with Beneatha
- wants to marry her and go to Africa Lorraine Hansberry - born in Chicago
on 19th of May 1930
- youngest of four children
- parents: well-educated
fought against discrimination of black people
- Hansberry’s family is one of the first,
who moved into a white neighborhood
- died because of cancer in 1965 (34 years old) 1. tension between black and white society 2.strain within the black community

3.assimilation and identity 4. integration
Mama: women have to accept men's power

Ruth: - men should not have the full power

Beneatha: - power of change in gender role, Touched Topics Key facts - published in 1959
- play
- is set between 1945-1959 in the South Side of Chicago
- realist drama, autobiographical
- received the “ New York Drama Critics’ Circle Award
for Best Play of the Year” Title - a line in the poem “Harlem: A Dream Deferred”
from Langston Hughes 1951
- famous black poet in the 1920s Harlem Renaissance
in NYC
- Jazz Age in the 1920s (acceptance of black people)
- post World War 2: Blacks were oppressed “a dream deferred- a dream put on hold- withers up,
like a raisin in the sun” George Murchison Joseph Asagai Beneatha Younger Identity Assimilation Bobo
- a friend of Walter
- liquor shop partner Mr. Karl Lindner
- from Clybourne Park Improvement Association
- pay money to the Youngers, for not moving into their

6.race :
- power, what can be achieved on ones race
- Walter, Lena, Ruth hold subservient jobs
- Beneatha's education gives her power 5. feminist question 7.gender relations (3 women generations) - traditional behavior Walter:- wants to be the man in all sense
- blames women for the lack in his power and
his problems 9. Dreams ! -> material and family dreams -> American Dream positive: motivating the characters (family pride)

negative: more dissatisfaction with their present
situation (materialistic things) Walter - success

Mama - proper home for her

Beneatha - becoming a doctor "Then isn't there something wrong in a house –
in a world – where all dreams, good or bad,
must depend on the death of a man?" Quiz 1. What dreams do ...have?

a) Walter
b) Beneatha
c) Lena a)... wants to become wealthy/rich
wants to gives his family, what he never had c)... move family out of the Ghetto b) ...become a doctor
save her race from ignorance- 2.What does Ruth consider when
she finds out that she is pregnant? abortion! 3. Why does Beneatha love
and respect Asagai? He is proud of his African heritage ! 4. In which district lives Mr. Karl Lindner? Clybourne Park Sources http://askville.amazon.com/background-play-%E2%80%9CA-Raisin Sun%E2%80%9D/AnswerViewer.do?requestId=57343865 (28.12.2012)
http://www.123helpme.com/view.asp?id=122370 (02.12.2012)
http://afroamhistory.about.com/od/timelines/a/50sCVTimeline.htm (02.12.2012)
http://www.salon.com/2012/06/11/clybourne_park_makes_us_all_look_bad/ (28.12.2013)
http://www.sparknotes.com/lit/raisin/context.html (02.12.2013)
http://moodle.carmelunified.org/mahara/view/view.php?id=343 (01.01.2013)
http://www.shmoop.com/a-raisin-in-the-sun/summary.html (02.12.2013)
The book „ A Raisin in the Sun“; Informations from pupil of other classes Trailer Summary Act 1, Scene 1

- five member family living in the
Southside of Chicago
- Lena's husband recently died -> left an
insurance check about 10. 000 $
- money = big topic
- Walter Lee wants to invest money in a
liqour store -> fight within the family Act 1, Scene 2 - check arriving day
- Ruth is pregnant, thinking
about abortion
- with check, the discussions come
up again
- Lena: money disturbs freedom
of family Act 2, Scene 1 - Beneatha gives Ruth lesson about
the significance of their roots
- discussion about heritage and
- Ruth and Walter reminisce about
past life
- Lena bought house in Clymount
Park ( white neighborhood) Act 2, Scene 2 - preparation for the moving day
- Lena gives Walter rest of money
- neighbor comes with newspaper ->
racism against black people Act 2, Scene 3 Act 3 - Lena wants to stay in
- Walter wants to accept deal
- at the end he decides to move
to the neighborhood Historical background - miserable life of Afro- Americans activated
" Great Migration"
- still social exclusion and racial violence
- rising unemployment
- Black Movement (e.g. Martin L. King, Rosa
- Hansberry's own experience Literature - generation of Afro- American
writer: discuss search for identity
- mostly novels ( adressed to black
- Hansberry wrote a socio- critical
play ( mostly white people in
- turning point in American Art of
the 1950's - moving day
- white man enters the apartment
-> wants to keep the Younger's
from moving with a deal
- business partner from Walter ran
off with money New Vocabulary string of layoffs a lot of suspensions of employment with or without a reason 8. family unity vernacular using everyday, ordinary languages to reminisce to recollect and tell of past experiences or events.
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