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How Technology Has Changed Our Lives

AP English 3 Wakefield 2.1 Assignment Emily Brown 2nd SEMESTER

Emily Brown

on 6 September 2012

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Transcript of How Technology Has Changed Our Lives

How Has Technology Changed Our Lives? Do you think that social media
such as Facebook and Twitter are
just as important to staying connected
and informed as word of mouth? "Electronic media helps us stay connected to people that we don't live near or see often. We can share more of our daily lives. It can also be a convenient and non-intrusive way to get information out to people in a timely manner. In that way, it can be better than word of mouth. The drawback of electronic media over personal contact is that it is impersonal and sometimes things like tone and inflection can be lost. Another drawback is that once something is put into writing or a photo is posted on a social media site, it is out there forever and cannot be taken back. Instead of being limited to a few people who might see or hear it by word of mouth, it is potentially out to the whole world."
- Cynthia, 46 "I do believe that social media are important to staying connected. They help us stay in touch with people who we don't get to see very often in our everyday lives. They can also be used to communicate information."
- Claire, 14 Do you think that social media has destroyed real social
interaction and that kids in the future will have a much harder
time with "real" social interaction? Why or why not. Do you think that technology is moving in the
right direction? Explain your reasoning. Do you think that we as a human race
would be better without technology?
Why or why not. How has technology improved your life?
How has it worsened your life? direction? "Social media have made it easier for people to communicate without face-to-face interaction. On the positive side, this gives people the opportunity to interact with more people, including people you would otherwise never meet. On the negative side, this interaction has less depth and the fact that it's so easy may mean you'll interact less with people face-to-face. Overall, less face-to-face interaction may make it harder for people when they interact face-to-face."
-Pat, 44 Yes, children and teenagers are more used to texting instead of face to face confrontation. If kids adapt to one form of communication, they will not be able to change or re-learn basic face to face conversation skills when they are older.
- Terriann, 16 "Technology has vastly improved my life. I have been able to communicate easily with my friends and family, play games and do homework all on one small device. Smart phones, like many other devices, help me do more things, anywhere quickly. There are, in my mind, very few drawbacks to technology. The main one is that we become very dependent on our computers and phones."
- Claire "Technology has,of course, improved my life. Information is at the tips of our fingers more than ever before in history. We can find out just about anything in moments and communicate with people all over the world easier and more quickly than ever before. It can be negative in the loss of privacy and never being "unplugged" from jobs, responsibilities, etc."
- Cynthia "Technology has certainly improved my life in many ways. It's helped me learn about things much more quickly and efficiently than when I was younger. It makes everyday transactions much easier -- it's now routine to be able to shop without leaving home and have pretty much anything you want shipped to you within a few days. I've also managed to hold a good job in the technology industry for years. On the negative side, faster communication has given you many more things that you need to keep up with and has made it easier for other people to give you things to do -- like answer surveys like this!"
- Pat "Yes, and we have become dependent on technology. We might not need all the social media but technology like computers helps us to communicate faster. Also, technological advances like medicine has increased the life expectancy so that people live longer. Overall, technology is going in the right direction."
- Terriann "In the world we live in, technology will continue to move on whether it's in a direction we like or not. Loss of privacy is a big issue that electronic media and communication will continue to struggle with. Privacy safeguards will have to continue to develop as social media does."
- Cynthia The human race is far better with technology than without it. Modern technology has greatly increased the average person's lifespan over the last century and has made life far more comfortable.
- Pat I think the human race is better with technology. Humans, and all living things for that matter, are constantly evolving and adapting to the world around us. So as the world changes we have created new pieces of technology to help our lifes. This new technology helps us live and enjoy our lives more. For example our world would be extremely different without the internet, a very important piece of technology. It has helped us stay informed about the world and communicate our thoughts and ideas.
- Claire Whether we like it or not, technology
will always be there, always improving and always changing. With each new advancement, there will be consequences, whether they are good or unintended. In general, the technological advances have made globalization a lot simpler and easier to accomplish, and have improved the everyday lives of everyone. Information is just a click away, and almost anything is possible. New things that were once thought impossible are now being disproved or altered to match with new information discovered with technology. If you think about it, anything is possible, and is only as far away as it takes for someone to discover it....
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