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The Junction Boys

No description

jared matzke

on 4 March 2014

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Transcript of The Junction Boys

It's 1954 and the Texas A and M football team is struggling. So, a new coach is hired. The new coach is Paul "Bear" Bryant. To toughen up the team, he takes them to a small town in Texas called Junction. During this time, West Texas is going through one of the worst droughts in history. The team is there for 10 days and goes through 2, 3hour practices a day. The Aggies arrive with 111 players and leave with 30 players, 25 that are healthy.
About the book
The next season, the Aggies started with a loss against UCLA. The season was looking to be a train wreck like the previous season, but then they turned it around. The Aggies started to win and spirits soared high. They were 5-1 when they played Arkansas and were a heavy underdog but ended the game in a tie. That was when Coach Bryant stated the famous quote, " A tie is like kissing your sister." The Aggies were 7-1-1 and were playing the Texas Longhorns for the conference championship. They lost the game but finished 7th in the final AP polls.
The second season
The Aggies arrived at the first game of the season against Texas Tech. They only had 25 healthy players compared to the Red Raider's 80 healthy players. The Aggies lost 41-9 and suffered injuries in the game. The rest of the season went just like that but with closer losses. The Aggies closed out their season with a 1-9 record including a loss to OSU.(Oklahoma A and M at the time)
The first season
The practice field in Junction is completely dirt, has tons of rocks, has cactus, and goatheads. Despite the major drought, there was a full river next to the practice field. The river is the South Llano River. Many players quit the team and fled the dreadful place at night, others stayed and were on the starting squad the next season. Many injuries occurred while practicing in Junction, including one player that almost died of a heat stroke. Don Kachhtik was the boy that almost died.
The Junction Boys
by: Zach Matzke

Coach Bryant-Born in Arkansas and coached previously at Kentucky. Can be very mean but has a religous side.
Smokey-Medical person on the team, has worked with Coach Bryant for a long time.
Gene Stallings- End for the Aggies and helped write the book.
Dennis Goehring- Guard for the Aggies and loves to pick fights. Pranks people with dynamite.
Elwood Kettler- QB for the Aggies and is a ladies man.
Jack Pardee- Full Back for the Aggies and is very strong. Loves to prank with Dennis.
Don Kachtik- Full Back for the Aggies and is the Junction Boy that passes out from a heatstroke and almost died,
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