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The Crazy Man by Pamela Porter

No description

Matthew Field

on 16 October 2012

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Transcript of The Crazy Man by Pamela Porter

The Crazy Man
by Pamela Porter Everyday after school Emaline has to walk by the mental hospital which looks like a castle. Emaline lives in a white house on a farm with her mother, father and her dog named Prince. When Emaline gets home from school her father is working in the fields on the tractor.Emaline gets on the back of the tractor to be with her father. While Emaline is on the back of the tractor, she spots Prince chasing a hare across the field. Prince is focused on the hare and he is running straight for the discers. Emaline jumps off the tractor and tries to save Prince. Then finds herself lying in the field looking straight up at the blue sky with Prince nudging her side. She then notices the red ground and her red leg. While Emaline was in the hospital, her dad tied Prince to the shed, and shot him with his hunting rifle and walked off the farm. When Emaline's father walked off the farm her mother was trying to figure out how she would plant this years crops.After a while of searching she had found a person named Angus.Angus had been a patient at the mental hospital in town, so he doesn't get much respect from the town's people and everyone acuses him ofsomething.Even though people were implicating him in suspicious activities in the town, Emaline and her mother believed Angus no matter what they said about him. pages 19-47 The End Submitted to: Ms. OKeefe
Submitted by:Matthew Field
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