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Looking for Alaska

No description

Hollie Shumate

on 13 October 2014

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Transcript of Looking for Alaska

Miles home in Florida for his going away party.
Culver Creek boarding school in Alabama
"Smoking Hole" behind school. Near forest by lake
Dorm rooms: Alaska's, Pudge & the Colonel's, Kevin's, and a few other students.
Barn in the woods where the Colonel, Alaska, Pudge, Takumi, and Lara stayed for a couple of days for the prank
The Colonels mom's house during Thanksgiving
Funeral home where Alaska had her funeral
Police station where Pudge and the Colonel questioned the cop about Alaska's death
School auditorium
Mr Hyde's classroom
School jury room
School cafeteria
The Eagles house
Pudge wants someone to love him. He wants to be remembered and recognized for what he has done. He wants to find a Great Perhaps. He does not want to be the looser with no social life anymore.
Pudge's Motivation
Miles Halter is an average teen from Florida. He is tired of his slow paced life at home. He decided to go to boarding school in Alabama at Culver Creek, trying to find a Great Perhaps. While he sets out in his new life at the new school, he meets a mysterious, smart, and clever girl, Alaska Young. She has the biggest impact on his personality and emotions. He falls in love and experiences the worst heart break of his life.
The "Great Perhaps" that Miles is seeking is the moment where he feels that his life is how it should be. He says, "I came here looking for a Great Perhaps, for real friends and a more-than-minor life." He was looking for the time where his life would be at its best. He would look back at his past decisions and events that got him where he was. He would be pleased where it got him and not care if something happened differently-the "perhaps"- Even when he lost Alaska, he still believed in the Great Perhaps.
The Great Perhaps
He helps put together the last prank in the book. This pranks beats all the other pranks that have happened in the school history, which was the goal. This prank will always be remembered and future/past students will remember that Pudge was apart of it.
He hangs out with Alaska all the time and talks about the labyrinth and what they plan to do when they are older. Pudge cancels his Thanksgiving break plans of going back to Florida with his parents to be with Alaska. He hopes she will fall in love with him over break.
Goes to Culver Creek to find the Great Perhaps. Meets his roommate the Colonel who introduces him to Lara, Alaska, and Takumi. He begans to have drama and a social life.
Pudge moves from Florida to Alabama for boarding school to seek a Great Perhaps. He starts to attend Culver Creek and meets his new roommate the Colonel. The Colonel and him get along together and share a similar talent of memorizing. The Colonel introduces Pudge to Alaska at first. Pudge instantly is attracted to Alaska and wants to get to know her. The Colonel and Alaska get Pudge into smoking and drinking, which he has never done. Pudge and Alaska spend an evening together that night talking and getting to know each other. Pudge realizes how much he loves Alaska. Kevin and his friends, the "Weekday Warriors", pulls a "prank" on Pudge that almost caused him to die. Pudge told the Colonel what happened and he got angry and planned a revenge prank on Kevin. The Colonel introduces Pudge to Takumi during lunch.
- After religious class, Alaska takes Lara, Pudge, the Colonel, and Takumi to Mc Donald's for a pre-calc study session. Alaska sets up Lara and Pudge on a date that doesn't work out. The Colonel and Pudge go to a school basketball game, then see's Kevin there. All 3 of them argue about who ratted Marya and Paul out, then Pudge lets Kevin know that him and the Colonel are planning a prank against him. Pudge cancels Thanksgiving plans with his parents to spend it with Alaska. Later during the break, the Colonel brings Alaska and Pudge to his moms house for dinner. The Colonel, Alaska, Pudge, Takumi, and Lara get together and start the prank. They stay in a barn for several days for this prank. They set off fireworks as a distraction from the Eagle, change the Weekday Warriors grades from good to bad, and put blue hair dye in Kevin's conditioner. Later the same night all 5 of them have a story time contest of their best and worst days. Lara, Pudge, the Colonel, and Takumi realizes why Alaska is the way she is. Lara and Pudge became bf/gf that night.
- Alaska, Pudge, and the Colonel stay up drinking. Pudge and Alaska kiss. Alaska gets a phone call that night and she left in a hurry. She was driving while intoxicated and got into a car accident. She died. The Colonel and Pudge try to find out why she died. They both go to the police station and question the officer about the night of her death. Pudge and the Colonel feel guilty because they could have stopped her from driving. Lara and Pudge brake up. Lara, Pudge, Takumi, and the Colonel go to her funeral. They see her dad there. The Colonel, Pudge, Lara, and Takumi put together a prank Alaska came up with before she died and went through with it in honor of Alaska. The prank is on a special, yet boring day at Culver Creek, a day that happens every year when they invite a guest speaker. Takumi goes to Japan over the summer. Lara goes back home and so does the Colonel. Pudge wrote his way out of the Labyrinth and even though he didn't find the Great Perhaps he was originally looking for, he still believes in it.
Alaska's Motivation
Alaska wants to finish her "Life Library" and wants to find the way out of the Labyrinth. She wants to become a teacher for little kids.
Alaska collects books for her "Life Library" she plans on reading. She has books stacked high in piles and wants to keep collecting them even if she doesn't read them.
She ends up saying the way to get out of the Labyrinth is "Straight and Fast"
Alaska tutors and teaches other students subjects they have trouble on. Like when she took Lara, Pudge, Takumi, and the Colonel to Mc Donald's to study for pre-calc. She showed them how to do the math.
The Colonel's Motivation
Wants to get a scholarship. Wants to buy his mom a new car and big house.
Stands up and protects his
Intelligent. Takes honor classes and goes to Culver Creek for a scholarship.
When he graduates and gets a job, he is going to save up money to buy his mom a car and house so she doesn't have to live in the poor neighborhood. He says that his mom deserves it.
He covers for Pudge so he does not have to get in trouble for smoking on campus. He gets revenge on Kevin for Pudge. Helps Alaska's legacy live on by pulling her pre-planned prank after she dies.
Man vs. Man
Pudge and the Colonel are getting revenge on Kevin because Kevin pulled a prank on Pudge that almost killed him.
Kevin pranks Alaska by flooding her "Life Library" because she put blue hair dye in his conditioner.
Pudge has conflict with getting Alaska to fall in love with him, but she does not truly love him like he loves her. She leads him on.
Pudge has trouble figuring outwhat he wants and what he needs to do. Difficulty understanding how he gets out of the labyrinth, but has an idea. Finding out who he is as a person; how he was in Florida and who he is now at Culver Creek.
Man vs. Self
Conflicts Continued...
Conflicts Continued...
Man vs. Nature
When Pudge and Takumi are setting off fireworks the first time for the prank, Pudge is near the lake and has to get past the swan. He gets bitten on his behind by the swan and gets hurt bad from it.
Main Character Types
Minor Character Types
He changes through the story from shy, quiet, and a "good kid" into outgoing, sociable, a drinker and smoker. He used to play it safe and now gets into trouble.

Story tells us she is mysterious, clever, smart, depressed, flirtatious, impulsive, and moody. Internal conflict is blaming herself for her mothers death.

The Colonel-
He still drinks even after Alaska died from drunk driving. He still dislikes Kevin even after he found out that it was Alaska who ratted out Marya and Paul and not Kevin. He stills pulls pranks from the beginning to the end of the book. He stays confident and sarcastic.
Not much is revealed about him except his ethnicity.

The night at the barn she tells us that she moved from Russia to the US when she was 10 and that is the day she had to grow up to start doing things herself.

After he pranked Pudge, that started the prank against the Weekday Warriors. After he flooded Alaska's Life Library, Alaska pranked him back.

The Eagle-
He is strict.

Mr. Hyde-
Local Color.
He teaches religious class and shares his beliefs, along with the ones he teaches, to the class.
Foreshadowing occurs when Alaska talks about death in general and when Pudge asks her why she smokes so fast and she tells him, "Y'all smoke to enjoy it. I smoke to die." Even though she doesn't die from smoking, she still dies.
The book title itself is foreshadowing the fact that something does happen to Alaska.
Alaska shares the memory of when her mom had a heart attack and died. She didn't call 911 or try to save her because she was a little kid and was scared.
Alaska talks about the day when she went to the zoo with her mom.
Lara talks about the day she moved to the US from Russia.
The Colonel talks about the day his dad left him and his mom.
Pudge talks about the day he first came to Culver Creek.
Pudge tells them the time he got bullied in school.
Takumi tells them about the time he went to Japan.
*In the barn, during the prank. They talk about the best and worst days*
White flowers- symbolize Alaska's mother. Alaska puts the white flowers at her mom's grave every year.
Cigarettes- Symbolize Alaska. She smells like "cigarettes and vanilla." After she dies, Pudge remembers her and her scent by cigarettes.
Lake/Smoking Hole- Symbolizes freedom. Takumi, Lara, the Colonel, Alaska, and Pudge go there to be free and do whatever they want. Gets them away from stress. They plan pranks there.
Alaska says that she smokes to die not to enjoy it, but she dies of a car accident not from smoking.
The Colonel gives Miles the nickname "Pudge" even though he is scrawny. The nickname is ironic because he is not pudgy.
When Pudge arrives at Culver Creek his dad tells him, "No drugs. No drinking. No cigarettes." Pudge ends up smoking and drinking frequently.
After Pudge meets Sara, the Colonel's girlfriend, he says, "She seems nice." It was ironic because she was not nice and he knew that after seeing how rude and mean she was being.
Overall mood of story is apathetic
- Pudge starts drinking and smoking, but does not care about the negative things that will come from it. Him and Alaska flirt even though Alaska has a boyfriend but she doesn't care. Kevin pulls a life threatening prank on Pudge but doesn't care that he could have died.
- Pudge, Lara, Takumi, the Colonel, and Alaska pull a prank on the Weekday Warriors. They do the prank knowing that if they mess one thing up they could get in trouble, but take the risk. When Pudge canceled plans with his parents to spend it with Alaska for Thanksgiving break, he didn't have concern about how his parents would feel.
- The Colonel gets as drunk as Alaska was when she died to see how it affected her. He doesn't mind the fact that he could have done something harmful.
is pessimistic because they go through depressing moments, drink and smoke to escape problems, Pudge always thinks about how Alaska is not in love with him, and when they talk about their worst days.
Setting continued...
The setting influenced the overall mood of apathetic and mystery because the places like the funeral home, smoking hole, school jury room, and police station are places the characters go to because of the careless way they act. The school auditorium, the Eagle's house, and student dorm rooms bring mystery because when you first read the story you don't know why they're there.
Figurative Language
Hyperbole- Pudge:“I wouldn’t have cared if my girlfriend was a Jaguar-driving Cyclops with a beard - I’d have been grateful just to have someone to make out with.”
Personification- Pudge: “So I walked back to my room and collapsed on the bottom bunk, thinking that if people were rain, I was a drizzle and she was a hurricane.”
Simile- Pudge: "I was running like an injured gazelle trying to evade a pride of lions."
The figurative language used in the story, like these examples, give the reader details and creates a visual imagery. Lets readers know how the characters think and adds interest to the situation.
Narration- 1st person point of view
- Pudge. Main character and the main one who changes throughout the story.
-The Eagle. Always trying to get the students in trouble by being very strict and uptight. He is attentive and stays aware of students smoking, drinking, and pranking.
Project by: Hollie Shumate
Looking for Alaska
By: John Green

Takumi Hikohito
Lara Buterskaya
Mr. Starnes
Thin and Japanese.
Shy and can run fast.
Became friends with Pudge through Alaska and the Colonel.
Nicknamed "the Eagle"
Dean of Culver Creek students.
Has "the look of doom"
Lives on campus.
The judge of the school jury to deal with rule-breaking.
Strict, but understanding.
Russian exchange student.
Came to the US from Russia when she was 10 years old.
Has heavy Russian accent.
Friends with Alaska.
Alaska sets Pudge and Lara up many times.
Has brown curly hair.
First girl Pudge has dated and kissed.
Weekday Warrior.
Short, blonde, spikey hair that is always has gel.
Pulls prank on Miles on his first night at Culver Creek.
Kevin Richman
Mr. Hyde
World religions teacher at Culver Creek.
Really old, has breathing problems, and has to use a cane.
Strict on students paying attention during class.
Uses life experiences when teaching.
Minor Characters
Miles Halter
Nicknamed "Pudge"
6 ft tall and skinny.
Memorizes last words.
When he lived in Florida he lacked friends, felt insecure, and did not like to socialize. That changed once he got to Culver Creek.
He is more of a follower.
Major Characters
Alaska Young
Mysterious, clever, smart, depressed, flirtatious, impulsive, moody, spontaneous, petite, and curvy.
Has "fierce emerald eyes" as Pudge describes them.
Smokes and drinks a lot.
Best friends with the Colonel.
Has a boyfriend but flirts with Pudge.
Chip Martin
Nicknamed "the Colonel"
Short (5ft), muscular and has brown hair.
Straightforward, sarcastic, and outspoken.
Intelligent, skipped a few grades, and takes advanced classes.
Memorizes country's.
Is poor and goes to Culver Creek for a scholarship.
Wants to buy his mom a house and car.
Is a leader not a follower.
Smokes and drinks regularly.
Drinks to escape his problems.
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