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Reflexive Pronouns

No description

Gaby Howard

on 20 January 2016

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Transcript of Reflexive Pronouns

A pronoun is a word that takes the place of a noun.
What are Pronouns ?
Here are some examples...
Reflexive Pronouns
A reflexive pronoun is used only to reflect or
intensify a word already there in the sentence.

the "selfie" pronoun...
Howard, ESL
Reflexive Pronouns
Lets check this video out!
Let's find the reflexive pronoun
1. Make sure to remind yourself of the things you need to do.
2. She thought to herself while she
was in the library.
3. Belinda saw herself in the mirror.
4. We blamed ourselves for the mistake.
Using Google Docs, type the following sentences and then underline the reflexive pronoun in each sentence.

1. When you go shopping for me, buy a present for yourself.
2. She created all the Christmas decorations by herself.
3. The new robotic toys can put themselves away.
4. They used to camera on the cell phone to take pictures of themselves.
5. The man talked to himself as he walked down the street.
6. The parrot admired itself in the mirror for several hours each day.
7. I used a video to teach myself how to knit.
With your partner...
Now it is time to show what you know!
Please log on to your Google Account.
Lets review what
reflective pronouns are...

Reflective pronouns are..

Examples of pronouns are...
Now write 8 sentences using
reflective pronouns! You will use Prezi
to write and present to the class your sentences.
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