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I Just Wanna Be Average

No description

Kylie Rocha

on 18 September 2014

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Transcript of I Just Wanna Be Average

I Just Wanna Be Average
Obviously, there are good and bad teachers
They determine how the class is going to behave and learn
A good teacher would care and have a concern for the students while a bad teacher would not
What would you say that a good teacher is?
Students have the same chance to inspire other students just as the teachers do
How could you be inspired or influenced by a student?
Your classmates have a greater chance of influencing you than a teacher might
"I just wanna be average"
The title of this writing is "I Just Wanna Be Average", a quote from a classmate Rose met, while in the vocational program that stuck with him his whole life
This quote gives Rose a 'why try' attitude
Has anyone here been inspired by a student or a teacher?
Do you remember some things that they said to you?
In I Just Wanna Be Average, Mike Rose revisits his past schooling. He explains how his teachers couldn't care less about the students and resorted to verbal abuse and discipline to try to keep them in line. That is until he meets his new English teacher. He is one of the few good teachers that really changes Rose's perspective on school. Rose goes on to write about schooling today and the flaws in the world of education.
Rose states in his essay,"Reject the confusion and frustration by openly defining yourself as the common Joe"
Why go through the challenges of school when you can just relax and be a common Joe?
He also had the "I just wanna be average" saying stuck in his head all these years
He, like most dropouts, was not motivated
His attitude later changes and he really starts to challenge himself when he meets his high school English teacher
Rose then reevaluates his schooling career and steps it up
Mike Rose starts by being negatively influenced by a classmate to truly being inspired by a teacher. If there were more inspiring teachers today, maybe students would have the desire to stay in school and reach their full potential
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