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Characteristics of the Successful Early Childhood Educator Prezi

All About What You Need To Be An Early Childhood Educator

Mary Rose

on 3 November 2013

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Transcript of Characteristics of the Successful Early Childhood Educator Prezi

Characteristics of the Successful Early Childhood Educator
Effective teachers ..
Are compassionate
Tend to have confidence
Tend to have a sense of humor
Require a serious commitment to children and the field of Early Education and Care
Are patience and allow children to develop their cognitive skills through exploration.
Tend to have a strong desire to work with young children
Need to have a good physical and mental health.
Characteristics of a Good Teacher
Successful teachers have the ability to multi-task
Early Childhood Educators must love their profession!
Teachers need to have a thorough understanding of Child Growth and Development.
Teachers have the role of preparing the environment for young children
Teachers must have excellent communication skills
Teachers must be able to demonstrate teamwork
Teachers must be able to manage their time wisely
Enjoys being around and working with children.
Successful teachers need to be able to take on many roles
Successful Early Childhood Educators will often find their work both challenging and rewarding
planning developmentally appropriate lesson plans
designing, creating, and arranging classroom materials
coping with behavior problems
progress that is sometime very slow
No matter how small the accomplishments happen to be, the rewards are exhilarating
Teachers of young children know they need to
focus on the whole child!
Physical Development includes activities that strengthen coordination, stamina, flexibility, strength and sensory awareness
Social Development encourages children to interact with children and adults in a positive manner
Cognitive Development encourages children to problem solve through hands on learning. The goal is to instill a love of learning in everything the child does!
Emotional Development encourages children to become emotionally literate and develop self-awareness and self-knowledge about themselves. They need to recognize, label, and accept their feelings.
Through the study of Child Growth and Development, you will learn about ….
…the needs of young children at various stages throughout their development
the abilities of young children at various stages throughout their development
the interests of young children at various stages throughout their development
the behaviors of young children
Planning the Curriculum Developmentally Appropriate Practice(D.A.P.)
The teacher needs to make sure the lesson plans and activities meet the developmental levels of the young child.
Teachers are instrumental in guiding play activities that children choose for themselves. These activities are based on the child’s

Strengths and Weaknesses
Cultural and Social Background
Personal Interests
Teachers and Ethical Behaviors
Frequently, teachers will be forced to make tough decisions throughout their teaching career and will have to rely on their ethics or
“guiding set of moral principles to make decisions.”

Teachers must maintain the highest standards of professional conduct when working with young children. After all, as the teacher of young children, you are one of their best advocates!

Ethics comes down to practicing and using Best Practices when working with young children. Always review and ask yourself do you

“Stop comparing yourself to other people; you are an original. We are all different and its okay.”-Joyce Meyers
Do You Have What It Takes To Be An Effective Early
Educator and Care Teacher?
Compare your own personal qualities
with the qualities that it takes to be a highly effective Early Educator and Care Teacher.

Do YOU have what it takes?

Why or Why Not?

By:Mary Rose
Assisted by:Lynette Herrera
Interior Designer
Safety expert
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