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Daniel Clark

on 7 March 2010

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Transcript of Honduras

Honduras How I got involved The kind of work I did Locally Nationally Internationally The reason I am involved The characteristics of the people I served The role they think the church should be playing in this and other situations of injustice The ways YOU can get involved What are the needs of people? Honduras The Country What does student led mean? Problems in the world? Impower people About me:
-20 years old
-Graduated Kelvin Grove in 2004
-Graduated LTHS in 2008
-Currently go to DePaul University
-Study biology (the study of life) and psychology (the study of human behaviors and though processes)
Volunteer work: -Children's Memorial Hospital - Trinity Services -Saint Pauls House and Home I don't really know Students plan the trip
Students get the money
Students get the supplies
Students convince other students to go
The organization is founded by students ...get the point? What is poor? Solutions in the world? Lacking material items?
When I want something, I work to get it. Medical
Public Health

We were the seventh group to go in the country for Public Health.
The first to go from DePaul.
This is new and cool and hasn't aways been done before What is happening in Haiti? Lacking opporitunities?
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