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Effects of Impressionism

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Katia Taylor

on 21 May 2013

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Transcript of Effects of Impressionism

Impressionism Origin and Influence What is Impressionism?
What influenced some artists to rebel against societal norms?
How did Impressionist artists approach Impressionism?
What lasting effects did Impressionism have? www.theartwolf.com Societal Norms ~ Realism It was the late 1800's. Painting was a very concrete concept. There was only one real painting style used and accepted: Realism. www.impressionist-art-gallery.com anikcoates.edublogs.org www.kingsacademy.com www.agotaspages.com www.tendreams.org originalart.net What is realism? How the Rebellion Began In 1874 Paris, a bunch of artists established a group called "the Anonymous Society of Painters, Sculptors, and Printmakers".
The goal of this group was to be able to create art any way they pleased (not Realism) and prosper.
They began their fight against Realism by setting up an exhibition called Salon des Refuses. Why Change From Realism? Katia's Art Gallery Conclusion
an art style movement that began in the 1870's
a way of painting an image... with almost careless blobs of bright paint brushed upon the canvas almost carelessly
paintings of certain images like nature, people taking part in leisure activites...
the art style term that was adopted in 1874 after Salon des Refuses There were some artists who decided to use more:
natural methods of lighting their work
methods of looking at the world with freshness and immediacy
The world was entering the Industrial era and artists wanted to express the modernity of it in their own way.
Cameras had also been invented by this time. oilportraits.com oilportraits.com Original Modern Comparison: The Common Art Distribution System: Salons It presented artworks by members of the Académie Royale de Peinture et de Sculpture. Salon des Refuses Salon des Refuses Area of Refusal
Salon des Refuses was the result of The Anonymous Society of Painters, Sculptors and Printmakers.
The paintings in this Salon proved to be very similar to one another - a pattern that created a whole NEW art genre. Starting in 1667, there were art exhibitions called Salons sponsored by the French government. Definition of
French Salon a : a hall for exhibition of art b : an annual exhibition of works of art from: Merriam Webster Dictionary In 1737, the exhibition became an annual event instead of a sporadic one. In 1748, the jury system of selection was introduced. The art exhibitions promoted Realism, and was very critical about any other style. alynedewinter.com Some Paintings in the Salon des Refuses A Significant Painting from the Salon des Refuses Sunrise By Claude Monet
Depicting the view from Le Havre in France
It was criticized by a critic named Louis Leroy for its loose handling and indistinct forms.
Leroy wrote a review on the exhibition in a catalog and mentioned this painting. In coming up with a title for the article, Leroy said this: "they asked me for a title for the catalog, it couldn't really be taken for a view of Le Havre, and I said: 'Put Impression'" Impressionism ~ the New Style The new art style of the late 1800's was impressionism. Impressionist Founders The subject of an 1850's artistic movement
A painting style that had artists depicting images like they were photographs. Realism Notes Depicted people: workers, peasants, family members
Used muted tones to represent real life
Influenced by earlier artists outfitnm.com home.sprynet.com academyofrealistart.com en.wikipedia.org oilportraits.com Characteristics of Impressionism:
the subject matter ~ anything from still lives to scenes of bustling urban life to nude women
the technique ~ bright, pure-colored paints brushed upon a canvas or wood in rapid brushstrokes, which were often visible Characteristics of Impressionism Subject Matter Technique Middle class people at leisure - attending a picnic, sitting on a chair, playing a sport, etc.
Nature scenes - the sky, trees and plants, gardens, beaches, etc.
Industrial city views
Portraits of people
Indoor furniture, rooms
Fashionable attire
En plein air - outdoors cronkitehhh.personal.asu.edu Bright, pure-colored paints brushed upon a canvas or wood in rapid, often visible brushstrokes Light All about light
Artists studied light a lot
Looked long and hard at how light is reflected and absorbed, and how this transaction afterward registers color in our brains
Tried to recreate light itself with paint and brushes. justanotherjob.files.wordpress.com Camille Pissarro artunframed.com 0.tqn.com ibiblio.org In 1856 Pissarro attended private classes at the Ecole des Beaux- Arts.
In 1861 he registered as a copyist at the Louvre.
He also attended the Academie Suisse, a "free studio", where he met other Impressionist founders.
Painted scenes of West Indies
Influenced by Corot, who urged him to paint from nature Beginning of Career camillepissarro.org Became more and more opposed to the standard of Ecole des Beaux- Arts and the Academy throughout the 1860's.
Recognized the injustice of the jury system
Became a teacher and taught painting from nature
Devoted a great deal of thought to creating an alternative to the Salon.
Is likely that the Salon des Refuses was Pissarro's idea.
Dedicated to earn the public's attention to Impressionism.
After not making enough money, he went on to become a Neo- Impressionist. Became more and more opposed to the standard of Ecole des Beaux- Arts and the Academy throughout the 1860's.
Recognized the injustice of the jury system
Became a teacher and taught painting from nature
Devoted a great deal of thought to creating an alternative to the Salon. It's likely that the Salon des Refuses was Pissarro's idea.
Dedicated to earn the public's attention to Impressionism.
After not making enough money, he went on to become a Neo- Impressionist. Becoming an Impressionist Claude Monet moonmentum.com Beginning of Career At 22, Monet joined the Paris Studio of the academic history painter Charles Gleyre. His classmates co-founded Impressionism as well.
Limited success in his early years, with a handful of paintings accepted by the annual Salons. Received much objection for his ambitious works like Women in the Garden Becoming an Impressionist Inspired to join Pissarro and others in establishing the Salon des Refuses. Sunrise was the one pointed out by Louis Leroy.
Became a lifelong Impressionist painter monet-prints.org/ allartnews.com/ Auguste Renoir There were many Impressionist founders.
Most famous founders are: Claude Monet, Auguste Renoir, Camille Pissarro, Alfred Sisley, Berthe Morisot, Armand Guillaumin, and Frédéric Bazille. They worked together, influenced each other, and exhibited together independently.
Here are 3 of the most famous Impressionist founders: art.docuwat.ch Beginning of Career Started out as a porcelain painter
Then worked at the Louvre in 1860.
Entered the studio of Charles Gleyre, where he met Claude Monet and others.
With his friends, he painted nature. Alone though, he preferred figure painting and portraits Becoming an Impressionist In the summer of 1869, Renoir and Monet painted alongside each other a little outside Paris. They began to use the Impressionist lighting effect.
After the Salon rejected many of his "progressive" paintings in the 1870's, Renoir decided to join Monet in establishing an independent artist's society
Portraiture sustained him economically.
Losing faith in Impressionism, Renoir went on a different direction in 1878. ibiblio.org/ 3.bp.blogspot.com ibiblio.org/ Lasting Effects of Impressionism "Impressionism changed art."
the method of painting light was explored and improved.
the first step into Modern art was taken.
we don't paint in the Realist style all the time.
we are free to paint whatever we please, as long as someone buys it, without any interference of the government. Because of Impressionism: What is Impressionism? En Plein Air En Plein Air - Open air
A concept
In the 1960's, some critics challenged artists to create paintings that "celebrated the heroism of life" with all the "pretty things" of the era.
Impressionists rose to the challenge by
depicting outdoor leisure like country retreats - le week-end
depicting people dressed in the "passing whims" of the latest trends of fashion
Lots of light and shadow
Snapshot glance of a photographer "Figures en plein air... done like landscapes" - Claude Monet Guiding Question: How did Impressionism begin, how did artists approach it, and what lasting effects did it have on the history of art? guardian.co.uk "Subjecting color and lines in this way to the emotion he has felt and seeks to express, the painter will do the work of a poet, a creator.”
—Artist Paul Signac "Impressionism is the newspaper of the soul." - Artist Henri Matisse a desire to be more creative
the world was changing - from agricultural wealth to industrial factories
the camera had been invented What influenced artists to come upon Impressionism? How did different Impressionist artists approach Impressionism? different Impressionist artists didn't always paint the same subject matter
with a unique Impressionist painting style What is the legacy of Impressionism? "There is always a delightful sense of movement, vibration and life." -Theodore Robinson "Impressionism is at the root of all modern art, because it was the first movement that managed to free itself from preconceived ideas, and because it changed not only the way life was depicted but the way life was seen."
- Francesco Salvi the first step into modern art
a rebellion that helped make the first step into creativity and prosperity in painting
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