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The Reluctant Fundamentalist

Plot by Namoi Tiball and Erin Abbott

Erin Abbott

on 6 November 2012

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Transcript of The Reluctant Fundamentalist

Plot. The Reluctant Fundamentalist 12 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 The first chapter introduces the main character Changez. He opens himself up to an American as they sit in a teashop in his hometown of Lahore, Pakistan. He reassures the American to not worry as he will bring him no harm as he was once an American too. He then goes on to explain that he went to Princeton University and from this he received a job with Underwood Samson- a prestigious company- where he fell in love with America. Changez starts to have a personal connection with his American companion as he starts to explain his love-affair with Erica from America. He explains how they met on a holiday in Greece and immediately had a connection as he gave her a sense of home that she has lost long ago with the death of a loved one. Moving to New York City gives Changez a surprising sense of home as he sees a large Pakistani population, making the move easier for him. As he starts his new job training he becomes friends with an another 'outsider' and coworker Wainwright. They are invited to a party in the Hamptons by their boss Jim, who begins to see Changez as more of a friend than an employee. Changez emerges himself into the American culture with Erica as she invites him to her home and to high status events. As their relationship develops Erica opens herself to Changez with explaining the loss of her loved boyfriend Chris. In this chapter, the sun starts to lower allowing a darker representation to start to appear.
In this chapter a turn of events happens that devastate American lives everywhere, 9/11. Changez is posted for a job in the Philippines where Jim congratulates him on his hard work ethics. Now in the post 9/11 America Changez finds that not only the country mentality but also the peoples have changed. Erica's character has also taking a more darker mentality at this point as she and Changez fail at making love due to her loss of love from losing Chris. As the Americans seek revenge for 9/11 Pakistani cab drivers are attacked and Changez begins to worry as his new assignment in New Jersey yields minor passive-aggressive violence towards him as well. He also beings an internal conflict to where his loyalties lie as America start to attack his nations fellow Muslim brother Afghanistan. Through all this Changez reconnects with Erica and has a second attempt at love making, this time working as he urges her to pretend he is Chris. Erica slowly progresses from the powerful independent to a weakening dazed girl. Changez is warned from her mother not to return without an invitation due to her state. With the loss of Erica Changez loses his reality even more by being pulled between his country and his new country. Changez returns to his homeland to deal with his grief and feelings of abandonment, he refuses to shave his new beard and receiving criticism from everyone from airport security to his friend and co-worker Jim. Disregarding Erica's mothers wishes Changez makes contact with Erica only to find her at a clinic in the Hudson area where she is more distort than before. When Changez is sent to Chile for work with the vice-president where he finds it increasingly hard to focus as he hears about more violence between Afghanistan and Pakistan. He then quits the project and returns to New York two weeks early. As Changez is fired from his job he goes on his search for Erica again only to find that she has disappeared from the clinic. He then looks for her at her home where her mother gives him her manuscript with no more information about her disappearance. As he returns to Pakistan Changez becomes a university lecturer where he becomes involved in demonstrations and thus receives official warnings. Lahore Princeton. Greece Summer Vacation Underwood-Samson First overseas job Last job with Underwood-Samson Returns Home for good. Setting
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