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C4CM Awards and Courses

explaining relationships between C4CM awards and courses

Robert Cole

on 25 June 2012

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Transcript of C4CM Awards and Courses

C4CM Awards and Courses

programme & project staff
change staff
vision and blueprint
benefits management
stakeholders & communications
risk management
programme management overview
project management overview
assurance assessor
people and change
You are
programme and project managers
staff working on a programme or project
sponsors, senior responsible owner
project board member
programme board member
staff in a programme or project office
and will be interested in the following courses:
You are
business change managers
staff in the business working on a change
change teams
sponsors and senior responsible owners
and will be interested in the following courses:
the soft people skills needed to achieve change in an individual, team and organisation
these two overview courses introduce the methodologies
introduces the Managing Successful Programmes method
for delivering strategic change in an organisation
introduces the PRINCE2 method for projects
which deliver products used in change programmes
these four courses cover common topics in managing change
Imagine, and communicate your change
design the change
make your change benefits led
and deliver the promised benefits
ensure your stakeholders are with you
through effective communications
manage your risks to ensure you meet your objectives and realise benefits
these are specialist courses for programme and project staff
how to carry out an assurance assessment
based on evidence of behaviours
knowing what to do, when and by whom is the driver for project and programme management
who the awards and courses are for
what the courses cover
these are specialist courses for change staff
change manager
what a change manager needs to do and think about to deliver benefits through successful organisation change
programme office
supporting a programme or project through services and expertise
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