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Self-introduction By Connie Zhang

No description

Connie Zhang

on 17 April 2014

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Transcript of Self-introduction By Connie Zhang


(2008~2011):Entranced Kinghome secondary school and I studied in there 3 years.
E-mail: 1020527912@qq.com
By Connie Zhang

Welcome to Contact with Me
English Name: Connie Zhang
Chinese Name: Zhang Kangni
Sex: female
From: Zhuzhou city,Hunan province,CHINA
Birthday: 10 April 1996
Horoscope: Aries
Occupation: student
Height: 163cm
Weight: 49kg
Diploma: 'O' level
Marital Status: single
Favorite colour:blue
Hobby: watch TV/movies,listen to music,design,read novels,travel,take photos,go shopping
My Best Friend
My honey is a very cute turtle.She is a shy girl,but
you can call her "Tappy Sister".Maybe a turtle could dance that feel amazing.Then,I Think it is normally.
When I was young,I brought her from a nice countryside and improved skill of her ate foods.Before I feed her every time,she had
danced to show me.It is very interesting!
(2002~2008): Entanced Taishan primary school and I studied in there 6 years.

(2011~2012):Entranced Zhuzhou city No.4 high school and I studied in there a term(about 6 months).
(2012~2014):I studied for GCE 'O' level in Singapore DIMENTIONS International College 2 years.

(2014~ ):I study in Singapore BCA Academy now.
My hometown is not
main city of China.It possessed
a nice enviroment,a lot of
plants in city and streets are
cleanest.I think the two
conditions are same as
Singapore.Singapore is
a fine city,peoples are
very friendly.Study in here
is my pleasure.

My goals
When I Graduated in university:

1.I could find an ideal job.

2.Get married with a man,I loved him
and he loved me.

3.Travel in many countries that I want
to go.
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