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The Fault In Our STARS

No description

Invincible Four

on 30 April 2015

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Transcript of The Fault In Our STARS

The Book
Rising Action
Introduction (Plot)
The Fault In Our STARS
Invincible Four
Savera Shah
John Michael Green (Author)
Two Cancer Stars
You Are Not Defined By Your Illness
Love triumphs over struggles and hardships
Everyone you meet is fighting their own battle
Reclusive author
Falling Action
Critical Appreciation
Invincible Four
Award winning Author
An American author of
young adult fiction,
Born August 24, (1977)
YouTube video blogger,
historian and creator of
online educational videos
Setting of the Novel
16 year old.
Has Pageboy haircut, Dark Brown hair,Green Eyes.
Diagnosed with Stage 4 Thyroid cancer.
Carries oxygen-tank(philip) with her.
A passive fighter.
loves to read "An Imperial Affliction"
Long faced, cool,skinny.
Had an eye cancer.
likes to play video games.
His girlfriend dumped him.

Sarcastic, Caring, Short tempered,
sensitive, Big heart, Romantic.
Assistant of Peter Van Houten.
Filled with compassion
A dreamer and a wish-granter.
Lidewij Vilegenthart
It is OK to feel your Feelings.

Darban Ali
17 year old.
long leanly muscular, straight and short hair.
A guy with purpose

strong, funny believes in symbols
loves to play video games
Leads the support group of cancer kids.
Always talks about

"Literal heart of JESUS"
Believes in Miracles.
Extremely optimistic.
He had testicular cancer but survived.
Divorced, friendless..
The Author of Hazel's favorite book "AIA".
He's drunkard, mean, nihilistic and aggressive.
Ledewij: "Circumstances made him so cruel"
Rude but soft hearted because he actually wrote E-mails to hazel.
Literary Terms
Man Vs. Nature
Hazel and Augustus are battling with cancer.
Man Vs. Self
An Imperial Affliction ends in mid-sentence.
If Hazel gets pneumonia, she would drown since her lungs and body are weak, but Augustus WATERS is the one who saves her.
Gus' unlit cigarette.
"I am on a roller coaster that only goes up my friend"
Point of View
Written in First person pronoun.
In some ways it doesn't feel like I wrote from a capital-F female point of view you know,It feels like I wrote from Hazel's point of view" -John Green.
Author: John Green
Country: United States
Language: English
Genre: young Adult Novel, Realistic fiction
Publisher: Dutton Books
Date of publication: January 10,2012
Pages: 313
#New York Times BestSeller.
Present time.
Indianapolis, Indiana
Amsterdam, Netherlands.

: Pictures used in this presentation are taken from the motion picture "The Fault in Our Stars" based on the novel.
Shoaib Awan
Zunaira Tariq
Augustus Drops The Bomb.
Example: "Okay, Name some things that you never seen in Indianapolis"
All the information has been taken from the google.com
Background music:

The backgroung music has been taken from Youtube.com
True Messiness of Cancer
Completely with fluffy romance lack of realism and predictibility.
Depressing book.
Problem with Hazel's Character
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