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Developed VS Developing Nations

No description

Liz Blinn

on 22 May 2013

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Transcript of Developed VS Developing Nations

Developed Developed Nation: What are they? country with a high standard of living and an economy based on more than agriculture Developing Nation: country will little industrial development and low standard of living Of the 195 countries on earth... only 35 are considered developed nations. : Total dollar value of all final goods and services produced in a nation in one year.
- Have resources, but lack the money, equipment and training to put them to use.
1. GDP
Developing Developed - Have more resources (or the ability to get them), education and money to increase production - This increases the overall GDP - Subsistence agriculture: This means a family grows just enough to take care of their needs 2. Economy Developing Developed - Industrialization has expanded the economy so that there are more things to contribute to it than just farming - This leaves no crops left to export or to feed a large work force. - Most have a high occurrence of malnutrition, poor living conditions and illness 3. Life Expectancy Developing Developed -Have advanced and accessible medicine as well as more doctors - Most experience a shortage of doctors, hospitals and medicine - High infant mortality rate - Better living conditions What countries do you see? What countries do you see? - Low Literacy Rates: percentage of adults able to read and write 4. Education Developing Developed -Education is readily available, and often required, for all members of society - Kids often work instead of going to school - High population growth rates 5. Population Developing Developed - Slow or no population growth - Populations to be highest in urban areas - Difficult to train uneducated workers for certain jobs - Results in a more capable and effective workforce - Family planning and other health improvements have contributed to this trend - Population also extends into rural areas - Often cause a lack of food and housing The Last 200 Years... V.S. Developing
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