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Menu for Change

No description

Susan Baumgaertel

on 5 December 2013

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Transcript of Menu for Change

Menu for Change
Monthly team-led grocery store tours at a variety of locations will help teach a multitude of topics with practical applications (such as healthy breakfasts, top 10 foods to have in your pantry, healthy grains, sources of good hydration, planning meals for the work week ahead…just to name a few).
The individual attention and support I receive is truly wonderful!
The program starts with three one-hour “intake” visits with the three health coaches – your core team. This is an opportunity for us to get to know you and your personal needs.

From there, most participants come in once a week for individual sessions to lay the foundation of sustainable healthy habits. Others connect regularly via MyChart or phone, coming in less frequently but with no less accountability.
Pinterest Website
Potluck Party Recipe Book
There is a monthly lecture series presented by colleagues and program contributors, helping to educate and stimulate discussion. These lectures are also put on video for private viewing on your home computer.
Menu for Change is a unique blend of science-based instruction with a whole foods focus in a personalized and holistic journey toward better health and weight management.
The Menu for Change program is carefully tailored to each individual.
Bi-weekly walking groups allow for excursions to local parks to reinforce the importance (and fun!) of exercise.
Monthly support groups are led by local psychologists who are eager to help with the emotional aspects of weight control. Individual stress reduction and counseling sessions are also offered
Group sessions with personal trainers are set up for group workouts, as desired.
As the program unfolds for each participant, other resources are available to enhance program goals and weight management.
These “menu options” may include... acupuncture
massage therapy
personal trainers
career coaching
wardrobe makeover coordinators
sleep specialists
to name a few
What I can say most strongly is that it feels sustainable to me, because I see myself differently and I see my day to day life in a new way.
Its not a diet but a new lifelong healthier me that I am striving to achieve and I know I will!
The ideal and very personalized support I receive from my coaches is nothing like any other plan I’ve tried in the past.
This program is absolutely awesome -- the flexibility has been so great.
I love that this program is not all about weight. Instead it's all about getting healthy and feeling good every day.
I love the fact that I have not been stamped into a one size fits all program.
Heritage Tomato Salad
Salmon Mousse
Crab & Cucumber Sushi
Watermelon & Feta Salad with Fresh Basil
Roasted Strawberries over Greek Yogurt
Let the journey begin!
A number of tools are used for nutritional assessment, such as the "Plate Method."
Handouts might focus on learning about new fats & oils...
...or learning more about the Glycemic Index.
Empowerment and Accountability with a Lasting Impact
Tracey Grant, RD, CD
Susan Baumgaertel, MD
Kira Baum, ND, EAMP
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