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UMA and Collaborate

No description

Allison Hamilton

on 2 July 2013

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Transcript of UMA and Collaborate

Getting a System Afloat
Synchronous Learning
Phase I September - December 2012
Installed the SAS system and Building Block into Learn Environment
Phase II January - May 2013
Re-evaluate Business Needs by Collecting Stories
Phase III - Planning Ahead Beyond May 2013
On Board a Collaborate Specialist
How to Explore an Iceberg One Cube at a Time
UMA's approach to deploying Collaborate
Roll Out Virtual Offices to Staff Pilot Group
Set up Tutoring Labs in Virtual Office
Train Staff, Roll-Out
Roll Out Virtual Offices to Learner Service to
Replace Existing Webinar Provider
"...I want to be able to
share screens with my students
(exactly like Join Me and Team Viewer) so that I can take control of my student's screen to be able to fully service my students."

"...I want to be able to
present materials to a group of students
so that we can increase our ability to assist our students."
"As an advisor..."
"As an instructor..."
"...I want to
host office hours
for a course so that I can hold office hours and one-on-one appointments for students."

"...I want a web conference tool that can be accessed by any student so that I can
host community-building events

"...I want to send students to
break-out rooms
so that students can participate in study groups."

"As a Dean of Faculty, I want a
report for usage
of Collaborate functionality so that I can give praise/encouragement when necessary."
"As a Learning & Development Specialist..."
"...I want to have
access to create my own sessions
, to manage my own sessions (i.e., record, pull my recordings, post my recordings, convert my recordings) so that requests can be processed in a timely fashion to support business needs."

"...I want the ability to
convert my recordings
to MP4 files within 24 hours so that they can be viewed later."

"...I want to be able to edit sessions created and view all information concerning the session so that I can
manage sessions

"...I want to be able to
troubleshoot issues ahead of time
(list of possible technical issues that could arise and how to handle them) so that I can inform participants prior to a webinar and save time during the training from interruptions regarding technical issues."
"As a functional area leader..."
"...I want a web conferencing tool so that I can
conduct meeting remotely
for my functional area and vendors as needed."

"...I want to
host a meeting in a meeting room with a web meeting
for remote attendees so that I can meet with all three campuses without everyone being at their individual desks."

"...I want to host a session and
have it recorded
so that if someone misses a session, they can watch it and catch up."
Prepare and Provide Training
Create Archiving Plan
Roll Out Course Wide for Office Hours
Develop More Robust Classroom Experiences for the Future
Determine Final Product Format
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