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The Black Plague

No description

Sophia Chen

on 20 September 2016

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Transcript of The Black Plague

carpe diem
danse macabre
Plague Pits
The Black Death Spreads
How the Plague Affected Life in the Middle Ages
Social Effects
signs & symptoms
Economic Effects
What is the Black Death?
Middle Class Effects
Lower Class Effects
Types of the Plague
1. Pneumonic
2. Septicemic
3. Bubonic
Plague Pits
new opportunities for the lower class
creation of the middle class
1/3 of England's population dies
Religious Effects
1348-1350 CE
Does God exist?
Effects of the Plague
Upper Class
Yersinia pestis bacterium
Peasant's Revolt
Jews were blamed for poisoning wells
Muslim women in Cairo were scapegoated
Marriage rates increase
Violence rates increase
Statute of Laborers
Fun Facts
The Plague Doctors
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