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Review Game!

No description

Brent Appling

on 11 May 2011

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Transcript of Review Game!

Review Game! Library Catalog Seach Strategies Databases Library Services What types of materials can be found
by searching the library catalog? Books, movies, journals in print, newspapers, etc. Does the library catalog only catalog books for Thomas Cooper Library? No, it catalogs for the Law, Music, and Math Libraries, the South Caroliniana library, Hollings Special Collections, and all the satellite campus libraries How can you tell what level of the library a book is on? By looking at the first letter of the book's call number What are the type of terms you will use
to search for information on a specific topic? Keywords Where do ideas for keywords come from? Your research topic. What are the three words, or operators used to link keywords together? And, Or, and Not What are two good ways to access TCL's article databases? Through the LibGuides and by clicking the Article Databases link What is the first thing you do if there is no PDF full text available in a database? Click the "Find Text" button What is the most popular general purpose database we have at TCL? Academic Search Premier What is the name of the service that allows you to request books from other South Carolina academic libraries? PASCAL Delivers From the library's homepage, what link do you click to have a live chat with a librarian? The Ask-A-Librarian link What is the library's off campus holding site for older and rarely used materials? The Annex
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