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Sony PlayStation 4 Q.S.G. Layout Analysis

For ENG 160 Class @ HGTC ***(full screen most likely required)***

Taryke Badie

on 15 June 2014

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Transcript of Sony PlayStation 4 Q.S.G. Layout Analysis

This document begins with a simple and clean font choice, and color that compliments the guide's theme, while still maintaining a good contrast balance to the background that is followed throughout the entirety of the document.
From first glace it is clear what the main topic of this document is (PS4), and the type of document the reader is about to engage in (Quick Start Guide).
Also, something to notice about the color choices of this document, the white text shows to have a great amount of contrast with the blue background, and gives the reader a very calm, and welcoming sensation.
Moving onto the first inside page, the document now depicts the back of the PlayStation 4 system, and two of the ports (Power and Display), along with simple instructions, and their designated names for the initial setup.
I do appreciate that this guide goes a step further to show close-up sketches of what each port will actually looks like, and is even linked with a line directing the reader to it's location on the system.
Although the color of the system is black, by using a gray theme for the cords/wires and other devices such as the TV, the guide has it so the PS4 is the first thing to catch the readers eyes.
On page 2, this page is only describing the LAN Port, and Cable.
One issue I had with this page is that it does not describe the other ports on the back, even though the components are sold separately (as is the LAN Cable) I feel the remaining ports could have at least be labeled/mentioned on this page as well.
Something that needed to be mentioned along with the last page, was the use of the black and white illustrations for the detailed components, these illustrations are shown to be simple and easy to comprehend for even those with the least amount of technical experience.
For step 3 and 4, the guide explains the two colors that are shown once the system is powered on, and even adds in a small strip of each color indicating the light in the description.
While this explanation is good, I feel there could have been either a second model of the system standing vertically, and showing the top of the system where the indicator is, or at least doing as the last two pages, and giving some sort of close-up sketch of the power indicator
Also, although the white indication strip has great contrast with the guide's background, the dark blue almost blends in directly with the background.
This page is explains how to pair and connect the Dualshock 4 controller to the PS4 system.
To me this page shows great detail to each item that is being described, there is even a picture of the cable that needs to be used in order to connect the control to the system. Although since they labeled the cable in the first place, I feel they could have also included the name/type of USB cable that is used, just in case someone is not familiar with USB cables, and happens to misplace the cable that came in the box, there would be no mistaking what cable they would needed to go purchase and or find.
Coming to the last page of this side of the guide; the reader is prompted with directions on preforming the initial setup.
Although the directions for this setup seem to be rather self-explanatory, the choice of only providing words and no images such as a screenshot or two of the screen(s) that are being described has now left this page to be appear empty due to the large amount of white space unlike the previous pages.
Side Note: Multiple progression stages of the character "Knack" can also been seen at the bottom throughout the guide, a subliminal endorsement for one of Sony's first party studio launch titles.

Flipping to the other side of this Quick Start Guide, the reader is introduced to the basic functions of the home screen.
The first page of this side does not introduce any numbering system for steps (as it does not appear to be needed), while the only organization is the title for the page, and the subtitles for each screenshot that describe their respective screen.
The screenshots shown actually depict the transitions for the home screen. and the content included in each.
Now the guide gets to the heart of the system; Playing games.
The numerical order of steps have once again been reintroduced on this page to show the procedures to inserting, and ejecting a disc into, and from the system's disk drive, and starting the disc via the system home screen menu.
Similar to the page showing how to turn on the system, this page also includes a close-up sketch of the location for the eject button (both of which have been described as difficult to find for the casual consumer).
In addition to showing how to play disc-based games on the system, the guide also includes a brief description of downloading games and other content from the PlayStation Store, sharing your gaming experience, and using the mono headset with the Dualshock 4 controller.
The only thing that I felt was missing from this section was the absence of any image showing the "share" button on the controller, or at least highlighting it on the controller that is already on the page. The share button is what allows the user to share their gaming experience, (the second topic on this page).
Now that the guide has introduced the reader through all the basics of operating a PlayStation 4 system, it finishes off by describing the multiple shut down procedures, the choices in which are available to accomplish it, and the console's power light color indicating it's power state.
The most notable aspect of this page is the small chart for the power indicator colors, and a short description explaining it as mentioned above.
Another noticeable part of this page would be the Caution text box. Included with the box is the yellow caution symbol that helps separate the area from any other text on the page, and adds emphasis of the importance of not disconnecting the power from system without it being completely powered down.
On the right side of the page, there are instructions to find additional and more in-depth information about the system and it's operations through the user, and safety guide.
The guide is now showing the user how to operate Dualshock 4 controllers, and describing it's basic function with the PlayStation 4 system.
Right off the bat I feel like this page was placed in the wrong location, the guide has shown the user to set up the system for turning it on, connecting the controller, navigating the menus, and playing games. Although charging could be considered to be done after using the system, I would think it makes more sense to keep the controller operations near each other.
Another piece of information that could have been included with this section is describing the color of the controller's light bar and the charge percentage of the different color shades that are shown during the charging process while the controller is off (This information could be rather useful if the system is also off, and the user could know the battery status of the controller without having to turn on the system.
Creating a Sony Entertainment Network account is an essential aspect of using the PlayStation 4 system, this page goes through the benefits of having an account, and steps to create one.
Seeing that the guide mentions downloading games and content from the PlayStation Store, this section needs to be placed before the previous page, since a SEN account is necessary to access the store, and engage in all online multiplayer games.
Since this page includes white space, this section could have possibly included a screenshot of the menu in which to sign up for an account, the PSN logo could have also been utilized to take up the empty space.
By: Taryke Badie
Class: ENG 160
Professor: Michael Hedges
Sony PlayStation 4
Quick Start Guide
Layout Analysis
The End.
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