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History of Adidas

The beggining, and the comeback!

Rhagan Williams

on 11 May 2010

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Transcript of History of Adidas

Adidas was founded by Adi and Rudolf Dassler in 1924.
The name was at first Dassler shoes but once Randolf left to start his own shoe company Adi changed the name to Adidas.
The 3 Stripes
The 3 stripes on the shoe were first created to keep the foot stable, but ended up being Adidas official logo. The Adidas getting well known.
Adidas being seen in the Olympics really helped get the name out there The Hip hop group Run DMC put Adidas on a whole new level, and is a big reason for there sucess. They even came out with a song called "My Adidas" that was a major hit all around the world. Adidas have worked for many people and have signature lines for well-known people like: Kevin Garnett Missy Elliot Tracy McGrady 80's Originals: The new stuff: Adidas!
The Past and Present.
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