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03.07 Review and Project Milestone

No description

Tori Arnold

on 25 August 2014

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Transcript of 03.07 Review and Project Milestone

03.07 Review and Project Milestone
Three Topics that I consider most important?
1. Storage

2. Observational and Cognitive Learning

3. Information Processing
Storage and how to maintaining and improving my memory
I learned about Storage and how to maintaining and improving my memory. The most important thing that is need to accomplish this is sleep. Not getting enough sleep can affect my sensory memory and attention and that the quality and quantity of sleep is important and plays a big role in maintaining and improving my memory. Exercising can help improve my memory, reduce stress and sleep better. Lack of exercising is a risk factor for many diseases that are associated with memory losses such as amnesia and dementia. Practice and pay attention by avoiding distractions and concentrate for at least eight seconds so it can move from short term to long term. The brain needs exercise and needs to be mental challenges, games, and recalling information.
This can be applied in my life if I want to improve my memory that it I must exercise to reduce stress and it is important get enough sleep so I can remember.
Observational and Cognitive Learning
I learned about observational and cognitive learning. Cognitive learning is when the person has knowledge and combine new knowledge. Observational learning is learning by observing from someone behavior that can be positive or negative. An observer will try and mimic someone behavior and start new behavior or stop behavior. For example The boy learned to let his hot chocolate cool down first before drinking it by watching his dad do the exact same thing. An example of how observational learning can be negative is if a child sees a person hitting someone for fun, that child will learn to do the same.
Observational learning can be applied in my life by being a good role model to my little sister and cousins because they watch what I do and sometimes follow. They pay attention and learn what I do.
Information Processing
I learned about Information Processing like Encoding, it is the beginning stage in the memory process in which the information are inputted in our memory banks. There are many ways to process information in our brains. Learn about three different types of encoding such as visual like recalling the what someone looks like, acoustic encoding remembers what you hear, and semantic is the meaning of words or sentences. Another way we can learn new information is the mnemonic devices, which works for me because it helps me memorize important information I want to remember. As an example, I used on assignment. When using mnemonic devices to learn. If I need help solving my math problems that need me to recall Parentheses, exponents, multiply, divide, add and subtract. The word mnemonic such as Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally to remember the formula with the first letter of the sentence.
Information processing can be applied when I want to learn something that I want to remember like turning a phone number into a song.
By: Victoria Arnold
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