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No description

Hanna Svens

on 12 February 2013

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Transcript of Ireland

Location Mild and Humid Climate Ireland Language English
Gaeilge (Irish) Capital Average temperature 4-7 above zero in January 14-16 above zero in July It rains about 3000 mm
per year Rainiest in the winter Éile Irish flag one third of the Irish population lives in Dublin (the Capital) St. Stephen's Day, the 26th of December
Irish children dress up
singing and performing.
Sometimes they are given money, cookies, cake, oranges or tea. MUSIC X-factor
Eurovision song contest 2 times
Visited Sweden Albums:
Planet Jedward (26 juli 2010)
Planet Jedward special edition (18 juli 2011)
Victory (19 december 2011)
Young Love (25 juni 2012) Traditional Modern Bodhrán Irish traditional music includes many kinds of songs Tin whistle Celtic Harp JEDWARD
(John and Edward) History Traditions On St Patricks day people wear the colour green. The shamrock is a symbol of st Patrick. Since then it has only gone upwards for Ireland financially. Now Ireland is one of the richest countries in the world Ireland and North Ireland became two countries in 1921.
Ireland independent
North Ireland stayed a part of Great Britain. Éile
Ireland: 27 %
Sweden: 17,5 % Daily smokers Ireland 55% more than
sweden 70 280 sq kilometers 450 000 sq kilometers Area IRELAND Sweden Attractions The Marble Arch Caves natrual underworld of
rivers, waterfalls, winding passages, lofty chambers, stalagmites and stalacites Led by tour guides
Walk or go by boat
2.8 miles long ( 4.5 km )
Made by water Ireland is six times smaller than sweden Percentage of Women in Parliament Sweden 47%
Ireland 15.5% constitutional monarchy

republic SWEDEN IRELAND Political system Comparision
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