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Edmodo in the Primary Classroom

Why use Social Networking in Primary School

Lois Smethurst

on 23 September 2012

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Transcript of Edmodo in the Primary Classroom

Secure Social Networking Move Your Classroom into the 21st Century Edmodo in the Primary Classroom Kids Love It! And one more thing... A classroom Edmodo account is the perfect sandbox for students who are learning about social media. What better place to practice than in a secure environment with peers and your teacher to guide you? Authentic learning where mistakes are teachable moments. Edmodo provides the opportunity for students to get to know each other. I think it helps the grade bond a lot like the experience of going on school camp. Collaboration
ebook chats
Differentiated Learning
homework tasks
Online Classroom
debating Digital Safety Virtual Camp Online Learning Direct & open posting Transparent posting to peers Direct to teachers only Only work from their child Keeps parents in the loop - Singapore
Time zones don't matter Communication e-Book Chats Learning Management System Debating -
Collaborative Construction Differentiated Homework This is the place where teachers can model the right behaviour on a social network by being in a network with their students Students practise the skills they need in more open spaces such as a blog Using the internet to learn from each other - taking full advantage of technology sending messages like html codes for movies, newsletter items, etc... Great way to send students messages for example:
the "embed" code for student made videos.
Reminders for all sorts of things
Better Than Email
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