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Technology Vs. Privacy

No description

Justin Steckert

on 2 May 2016

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Transcript of Technology Vs. Privacy

Technology Vs. Privacy
Who does this affect?
Anyone that uses technology!
Is our personal information safe?
"Companies like Comcast and AT&T, which operate wired and wireless networks, know a lot about what Americans do online, like the websites they visit and how long they stay on them. But there are no F.C.C. rules that bar those companies from selling that information to advertisers. The commission can, however, take action against the companies for deceptive and unfair practices."
How can one be sure their information is safe
"With regard to the juridical guidelines the following comments can be made. Firstly, once a person's private or personal information has been made known publicly (disclaim of the implied intention) such information is no longer, according to the law, viewed as private. This implies that the information can legally be dealt with as trade information."
Why is this an issue?
People value their own private information and in the certain situation people may even pay for someones information.
Is new technology affecting the privacy of users?
Basically the only way to ensure your privacy is to not release it to any form of technology.
How do we keep our information private?
If the information we put on the internet is something we want kept private then we shouldn't put it there in the first place.
Is privacy important?
Do people really value their privacy?
By: Justin Steckert
What is the issue?
Advancements in technology are posing to be a hazard to our privacy.
Most of the time, yes.
"There are basically two reactions to the flood of new technology and its impact on personal information and privacy: the first reaction, held by many people in IT industry and in R&D, is that we have zero privacy in the digital age and that there is no way we can protect it, so we should get used to the new world and get over it. The other reaction is that our privacy is more important than ever and that we can and we must attempt to protect it."
Encrypting data
Post as little as possible
Keep you passwords strong & private
The end.
In my opinion, YES.
There will always be people striving to uncover your private information in some way
Social Media..
People everyday literally put information about ourselves on the internet for others to view.
Do we want everyone to know? No, that's why we make it private from others.
Wrong, the information that is considered private is still accessible to the person that really strives to access it.
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