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Why Women Smile by Amy Cunningham

Group 1, 1A

Leticia Guerra

on 31 October 2012

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Transcript of Why Women Smile by Amy Cunningham

by Amy Cunningham Why Women Smile Thesis Daniel Armendariz A smile, to a woman, seems to represent the perfect image of a woman. Not because of the happiness it is "supposed" to represent, but because of the way our culture has, in partial, turned it into a symbol of not only success, but contentment for ones own self. This quote from Amy Cunninghams`s, Why Women Smile, expresses that,"in the 1800s, sprightly, pretty women began appearing in advertisements for everything.....many longed to be more like her, that perpetually smiling female. She seemed so beautiful. So content. So whole." Perhaps by keeping a smiling disposition, she herself could feel like how the woman in the advertisement looked. Society would see her and see a representation of the advertisement. Even if woman don`t internally represent the smile, they still do it. Believing that, if they do, she might come to mean it. Kyle Williams As stated, "the average American woman's smile often has less to do with her actual state of happiness than it does with the social pressure to smile." Women use their smiles to mask what they truly feel, and that they hardly ever truly smile, which is supported with the idea that if we as people learned to read these smiles, we could see the true emotions that they hide. The pressures of society coupled along with bioligical factors have made it so that women often smile regardless of whether or not they actually mean it. Stephanie Torres Accoding to Amy Cunninham "Smiles are not the small and innocuous things they appear to be: Too many of us smile in lieu of showung what's really on our minds." Therefore the author is stating that Women smile even if in within them they are thinking the complete opposite. For example if your boss tells you to stay later to get ahead of yourself, you will probably smile and agree even of within you, you desire to go home. Cunningham clearly depicts that women smile even in the moods that they shouldn't, and even in situations that may not at all be in their conveinence. The smiling women has become this similar, and contstant character that is not thoroughly genuine. "We smile so often and so promiscuously-when we're angry, when we're tense, when we're with children, when we're being photographed, when we're interviewing for a job, when we're meeting candidates to employ-that the Smiling Woman has become a peculiarly American archetype." Jacob Ramirez
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