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Overfishing in the Great Lakes

SBI3U Biodiversity Report

Taylor Welbourne

on 23 September 2012

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Transcript of Overfishing in the Great Lakes

Lake Michigan Led to the Existence of the Deepwater Cisco Overfishing within Lake Michigan The Deepwater Cisco were overfished due to their large size and depths that ranged from 50-150 metres. The Deepwater Cisco Lake Huron Deepwater Cisco (Coregonus johannae) Overfishing Within Lake Huron and Michigan Overfishing has a huge impact on biodiversity The impacts crush our food chains If the Lake Herring were removed... The Lake Herring (Cisco) have a major effect on the food chain There would be way to many Round Goby And not enough other fish such as Lake Trout Because the larger fish will be removed and there will be little business This will hurt our fisheries This led to the removal of most Commercial Fresh Water Fishing because there was no longer a point to. Due to the lack of fish and the sea lamprey had effected to many fish. In 1951 the astounding Deepwater Cisco were last recorded in Lake Michigan The Deepwater Cisco swam in the beautiful waters of Lake Michigan and Lake Huron The Deepwater Cisco's food The Deepwater Cisco were last sighted in Lake Huron in 1952 The Deepwater Cisco Group of Lake Huron issued a protection of the Deepwater Cisco to save the species Protection Quotas in 1984 The Deepwater Cisco was pronounced extinct in 1996 It was to late The loss of the Deepwater Cisco had dramatic effects People never realized the harm they were causing using gill nets to capture the beautiful Deepwater Cisco The loss effected people because it was an abundant resource of food and money This also created a lot more smelts, plants and small organisms within the Great Lakes The impacts of the loss hurt the Lake Trout population and other large fish All in all the effects from the loss of the Deepwater Cisco had an awful effect on our Great Lakes and people need to realize the dangers they are placing when they overharvest. Thanks for Watching
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