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No description

Robyn Wagner

on 5 April 2013

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Transcript of Friends

Friends Robyn Wagner Why do we need friends? Are you a friend? . . How well do you know your friends? How do you show your gratitude to your friends? . . . Connectedness Unconditional
Support Self-esteem
boost Honest Opinions Fresh Perspective Loyalty Comfort How well do you know your friends? . Do you face problems together? Do you listen, and hear every word? When is their birthday? Do you communicate effectively? How many siblings do they have? Do you compromise? Questions you may or may not know about your friends. Are you a true friend? Do you allow them their
freedom? Do you give what you can because you truly care? What do they fear most? What are some of their favorite things? What are their dislikes? Do you keep your promises? Do you support your friend when he or she 'grows'? Do you accept your friends as they are? Do you make time for your friends? What would you do to cheer them up? (Can you name them?)
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