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Sixty Web 2.0 Tools

Used for Ambridge's Summer Workshop - 2010

Michelle Hapich

on 24 August 2010

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Transcript of Sixty Web 2.0 Tools

Welcome Back Are you ready for... 60 Web 2.0 Tools in Bridgers! 60 minutes? Create Collaborate Cool Tools Research, Study,
and Organize Then Let's Start! Here are 60 of the best to help you and your students Wikis #1 Create a Website
for your class Let your students
collaborate and contribute Post your links
and assignments Where can I get an easy to use,
free, educational wiki? http://www.wikispaces.com So what kinds of things can I use on my wiki??? Glogster Voki Cooltxt Blabberize Cover It Live Clustrmaps Widgetbox #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 #8 An online poster... Make an eye-catching front page... ..or have your students each make a glog, with their own student account... and post them on their own class' page! http://edu.glogster.com Give your class a message... with an animated, talking avatar. http://www.voki.com Why use plain text when you can use... http://cooltext.com/ Take a picture of you, another person, an animal, a historical character ... "cut out" the mouth(s)... and record what you want it to say. =) http://blabberize.com/ Have discussions Evening tutoring Make the room time out to control the chat. http://www.coveritlive.com/ Ever Wonder who's visiting your site? And where in the world they're from? will show you! http://clustrmaps.com/ Like Clustrmaps? Find more widgets like it at ... Find anything from a countdown clock to a test... to a math man ... to a random multilanguage word of the day! http://www.widgetbox.com/ #20 Edmodo #21 Schoology #17 Skype #18 Scriblink #15 Twitter #24 UStream #16 Wallwisher #19 Google Docs #23 Slideshare #14 Diigo #56 Book Glutton #53 360 Cities Drop.io #52 Newseum #42 Evernote #57 Doc Cop #47 Visuwords #55 Uuorld #59 Poll Everywhere #54 show World #36 Big Huge Labs Digital
Storytelling Animoto Voicethread Shwup Xtranormal memoov Mixbook ToonDoo #10 Blogs #11 iTunes U #12 Podbean #13 iGoogle #43 Spezify #44 WolframAlpha Dipity #58 ThatQuiz #49 FunnelBrain #46 Shahi #37 Dumpr #38 Wordle #39 Tagxedo #48 Got Brainy #51 Webspiration
#27 Screencast-o-matic #40 Yudu #41 Gabcast #50 Jog-the-web #9 #28 #30 #31 #32 #33 #29 #34 #35 #60 Use it as a drop box so you don't have to email files back and forth. Put its widget on your wiki for your students use, or for them to send you files. Use its voicemail feature to record an .mp3 http://drop.io/ Your personal webspace to share ideas Update it regularly, and students can subscribe to it through RSS. Which should you choose? http://www.blogger.com/ http://wordpress.org/ http://edublogs.org/ What else can I subscribe to in my subject area? Find this from within iTunes You can find podcasts to subscribe to here, or you can use this site to host your own podcasts, or your students' podcasts. You can also subscribe to your own
Podbean channel through iTunes! What can I use to read my subscriptions? Where can I keep track of all my latest blog posts I want to read? Just mouse over the top right corner of the Google main page, and click on iGoogle. You will need to be signed into your Google account for your iGoogle page to follow you. Why not personalize your page with gadgets and a theme? Get a to-do list, the weather, even hangman or a hamster! And don't forget to make it your homepage! What to do with all the resources you're going to find? Hmmm... Bookmark and share them! Once you create your account at http://www.diigo.com/ , you can apply for an educator account. Then you can create class groups and share your bookmarks with your students. Be sure to join groups! You'll get SO many resources from them - sent directly to your email. Start by joining the group Ambridge Area SD! And while you're at it, "follow" Lori Heim and Michelle Hapich. We'll follow you back, and share bookmarks more easily! Besides blogs and Diigo, where else do people find so many
great resources?? Oh, their PLNs! http://podbean.com/ Create your account at http://twitter.com/
Log into our Ambridge website
Get started with lots of great people to follow by checking out Lori's info... Once you get the hang of it, DEFINITELY download (at home) :) Tweetdeck! Then you can have columns devoted to your mentions, direct messages, and even hashtag searches! An online bulletin board Post questions and leave comments. Share links! http://www.wallwisher.com/ Embed it on your wiki. Free video conferencing Either text, voice, or video chat Connect with other classrooms Keep in touch with your peers from across the state, country, or world! Foreign language classes - speak to someone in another country. Skype an author. http://www.skype.com Download free at One of several online collaborative whiteboards. Collaborate with up to six people "writing on" the same whiteboard, with a chat option. Has a Sitmo equation editor! Ideal for working out difficult to explain math problems. Invite students to your board via an email, or they can invite each other! http://scriblink.com/ Put an end to "I can't work with them. I never see them!!" Create online documents, spreadsheets, forms (surveys), presentations - Now your students don't need to have Office at home. Just an internet connection! Collaborate in real time! Share with anyone with an email address.
(even a temporary email!) "Collect" assignments by having them share them with YOU. http://docs.google.com Your online school environments https://www.schoology.com/home.php http://www.edmodo.com/ #22 Elluminate Attend webinars. Host one if you want! Ambridge has a free license for the year for up to 50 participants! Go Keystones! :) Listen, talk, chat, view the presenter's screen, interact! Share your presentations! Upload anything-
documents, presentations,
even videos to embed on your site! Max video size is 100 MB.
Formats accepted are:
* mp4, m4v (ipod)
* wmv (windows media video)
* mpeg
* avi (windows)
* mov (apple quicktime)
* mpg
* mkv (h.264)
* ogg
* asf
* vob
* 3gp, 3g2 (mobile phones)
* rm, rmvb (Real)
* flv (Flash)
Video info... http://www.slideshare.net/ Broadcast your event live here Video announcements? ...or just watch. Chorus or band concert? Pickleball Tournament? :) http://www.ustream.tv/ Embed the live stream on your wiki! #25 YouTube #26 Zamzar http://zamzar.com/ http://screencast-o-matic.com/ http://www.mixbook.com/edu http://animoto.com/ http://voicethread.com/ http://www.toondoo.com/ http://www.xtranormal.com/ http://memoov.com/ http://www.dipity.com/ http://bighugelabs.com/ http://www.dumpr.net/ http://www.wordle.net/ http://www.tagxedo.com/ http://www.yudu.com/ http://www.evernote.com/ http://spezify.com/ http://www.wolframalpha.com/ http://blachan.com/shahi/ http://visuwords.com/ http://www.gotbrainy.com/ http://www.funnelbrain.com/ http://www.jogtheweb.com/ http://mywebspiration.com/ http://www.newseum.org/todaysfrontpages/default.asp http://www.360cities.net/ http://show.mappingworlds.com/world/ http://uuorld.com/ Online videos - search for ANY topic! Watch Shakespeare scenes and clips... mathcasts ... cooking demonstrations... Embed them in your wiki. Click here - http://bit.ly/czkndX - for tips on making worksheets and cropping videos! http://www.youtube.com/ Create your own channel and upload your own videos! ...like woodshop safety! :) Why do I need ? 1. Enter a YouTube url and your email address, and they will email you the video in whatever format you want! 2. Need a video converted from one file type to another? ... like a flipcam .m4v to an .avi or .wmv to edit it in Movie Maker? It'll do that too! Want to make a tutorial? Are you going to miss a few days of school? Would you like your kids to listen to YOU teach your lesson? Would it help them to hear you teach your own powerpoint/ ActivStudio lesson? Screencast-o-matic is a free screencasting tool that will record your screen and your voice for up to 15 minutes. Then export your screencast as an .mp4, .avi, or .flv, export it to YouTube HD, or my favorite, right to your SOM channel, and embed it on your wiki! Now let's talk about ... Have your students write stories. Little ones could make an alphabet book. :) Use the mixbook graphics, or upload your own pictures. How about using the kids' drawings? You can embed the final project on your wiki, The kids (or their parents) can even purchase a soft or hardcover copy for a very reasonable price! and watch them turn the online pages of their creation! Upload pictures, slides, videos. Arrange their order, emphasize some longer if you want. Add text and music, and let Animoto take care of the effects! Don't like your video? Remix! ...until you're happy with it! Be sure to apply for an educator account for free videos longer than 30 seconds! 1. Upload images, documents, or videos (including screencasts!), right from your computer, a website, even from your webcam. Add titles and/or links. Record your comments for each page. You can type your comment, or record it with your microphone, a telephone, or your webcam! Then share your voicethread with others so they can comment too. Embed your voicethread on your site, and have all of your students leave a comment on it. Like comic strips? You can make those, and SO much more at Students can start out making cartoon strips. Then they can take comic strips they've made and put them into a "ToonBook" Use the other tools to create even more ... ImagineR to cartoonize your own photos TraitR to create your own cartoon characters DoodleR to ... well ... duh Even get a widget for your site based on your ToonDoo creations. Your students can even enter contests and toonaments. :) Make your movie with one or two actors. Use anything from Presidents, to World Cup Soccer players, to Robotz ... Write the script and direct the action! Once your movie is rendered, share away! Your students can embed them right on your wiki. This site is fun! (some themes have limited characters without a fee) Make a movie with a cartoon feel. Again, the students write the script, then record. They can use multiple scenes, and make the characters walk, express emotions, and talk. http://www.shwup.com/ Upload pictures and video from facebook and flickr. Mash your pictures, videos, music, and cool effects into exciting "muvees". This is NOT your grandma's timeline! These timelines have information, pictures, videos, links to recent news ... Not sure about making your own? Once you have an account, type in a topic in the search box. Or ... choose to create one from a web search and check out the timeline dipity makes FOR you! If you like it,
follow it! If it's a popular topic, choose an existing timeline. Be sure to check out the number of views and number of events to help you choose. Once you're ready to make your own, create a topic, then start making events! #45 StumbleUpon http://www.stumbleupon.com/ Okay, let's check out some random creative tools ... Choose a picture from... your computer, a url, or Facebook, Picasa, or Flickr! Choose a photo effect (they're SO cool!) Then save your new pic, email it, or share it to "Remix" your shapes, font, and colors until you're happy. If you want to save it, take a screenshot and save the picture. Like Wordle?
Try this! ... How is this different from Wordle? This tag cloud can take on any one of 44 shapes! And you can save your cloud ... in a variety of formats. Very cool way to publish your digital magazine. Find others' published magazines or books, If you're logged in, simply add them to your library. Keep them, highlight, bookmark, or print them. Create podcasts http://gabcast.com/gc1/ Post audio to your blogs All you need is a phone! Your students have a number to call. It shows up in your channel. If you approve it, it is published. It's that easy! Take notes online Save audio, video, text Get the app for your smartphone! Try this for your search engine! Scroll around your mixed media results to find ... regular web results, pictures and videos, blogs, even Twitter posts! date, city or country, even a color blend! This is no ordinary search tool!! Enter ANY math problem, From the makers of Mathematica software ... This one's addictive! Create an account, enter your interests, and start clicking that Stumble button! When you find something you like, click the thumbs up! Now it's yours!! A visual dictionary that gives a detailed definition PLUS images from Flickr, Google, and Yahoo! In this unique, online dictionary when you enter a word to define word "bubbles" pop up around it attached by lines These words are somehow related to the first word. Now click on one of those words, and watch the same thing happen again! You can also drag the whole design around! This one you just HAVE to see for yourself! Need Flashcards? This one's perfect for studying SAT words. Each definition has an accompanying picture or video, and a sentence to help you understand the meaning. Students can also submit their own. Create an account here, and keep track of your progress on your cards. Once you've gotten them correct enough times, they funnel down into your "brain". Have the kids create cards too! A sequential list of websites on a particular topic that the students must go through, usually accompanied by a list of questions down the side. Do a search on a topic and use someone else's... or create your own. It's easy! An online graphic organizer just like Inspiration Students can work collaboratively either by email or using groups. They can also be collaborators OR reviewers. The website for the newseum has a VERY cool way for kids to learn about current events around the globe! Check out the top 10 newspapers or sort them by region. Check out front pages from only the USA, or the Middle East, or the Carribean, ... and you can link to the entire paper if you need to finish reading an article. It shows the day's front pages from all over the world. Like photography? Here's a sample ... http://www.360cities.net/image/black-headed-gull-china Teaching Geography? Then definitely check out Panoramic pictures of everything from a Maui seascape to an Alcatraz cell block. A visual way to learn about all over the world by seeing how much of an area is "left" and mouse over that area to see exact numbers. You have to see this to understand it. :) One more social studies teacher's dream...
(and maybe science too!) "Explain the world with maps" For example ... Hey English
teachers... Make a pop art poster, a magazine cover, a jigsaw puzzle from your pictures, a badge-maker ... You get the idea.
It's called Big HUGE Labs
for a reason. Download your free eBooks from Project Gutenberg or any other site http://www.gutenberg.org/wiki/Main_Page and use to Checks .doc, .docx, and .pdf! Checks for plagiarism against the web AND ... will check up to 8 documents against each other for collusion. http://doccop.com/index.html?nc=89610202 Emails the results to you. Online ready-made quiz site Now, 3 more things for everyone! You can also create your own. The student trackng and reporting feature is excellent! Just put the link to your quiz on your website! Graded tests are just a click away! You do! Your kids have phones!! Create your polls to either be taken online, or to use a number for texting answers. Wish you had student response systems? Put a widget on your website and you can watch the answers "bounce in" real time! http://polleverywhere.com/ http://www.bookglutton.com/ and last, but definitely not least... The one... The only ... Cooler than a powerpoint, eh? http://prezi.com We hope you found something you can use this year! And we hope no one's head exploded! :-o Thank you! Idea courtesy of Brandon Lutz, Instructional Technology Integration Specialist at School District of Philadelphia http://bit.ly/c0jCwd Be sure to pan around this picture!
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