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Photo Voice: the stepping stones to my learning of literacy

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kassidy Konkin

on 8 December 2016

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Transcript of Photo Voice: the stepping stones to my learning of literacy

Photo Voice: the stepping stones of my learning about literacy
In the Beginning
Coming into this course, I had a very vague idea of the term "literacy" and had never thoroughly considered what this meant or how I would apply it in my own teaching career as a Home Ec teacher.
Step 1: Language Portrait
When we were introduced initially to the language portrait assignment I didn't think I would have much to offer to the project since I only speak English, and have lived in Canada my whole life. What I ended up realizing after more explanation and conversation with my peers is that I did in fact have numerous dimensions to include in my portrait of myself. This is an example of a literacy project that I completed in this course that taught me about multi-literacy as well as personal literacy.
Step 2: Resource list
The resource list assignment really showed me the functionality of multi-medias that I may not have considered using in my own classes before. Having to choose three different literacy forms for lessons in my Home Ec. class taught me how there are many different resources in so many different forms out there!
Step 3: LEsson planning
Lesson planning with the PAA students in the class was a very valuable learning experience for me. Developing a lesson together that would include multiple forms of literacy was good practice for me in taking differing student's needs into consideration. For example, providing EAL students with a recipe in video form in my own class could really benefit them.
Step 4: Learning about theories behind literacy
Completing the readings for this class particularly about theories on literacy was another important step for me in this course. Reading and understanding concepts behind literacy theories is necessary for me in order to apply them to my classes. Reading about numerous theories and information about them has helped me form my own opinions and ideas about what I plan on implementing in my class and what about literacy I value most.
Step 5: In-class exercises
In class I was exposed to tons of new literary strategies that I had never tried in the past. Some examples of these include- Socratic circles, concept maps, snowball exercise, directed reading, and drama exercises. I will consider all of these strategies when planning for my own classes in the future.
What I have gained and where i am going
This course has taught me about many different types of literacy. I have learned strategies of applying a wide range of literary activities. I have also gained experience and confidence planning for diverse learners that I will have in my classrooms. An important skill I have learned is being able to utilize multiple literacy in my teaching and that will allow me to be more effective in my future teaching opportunities.
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