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Mean Gouls

No description

Ariana Walji

on 7 January 2013

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Transcript of Mean Gouls

Consumption Production Distribution Research
Sales The Product Product WRITEN BY:Stacia Deutsch MEAN GHOULS My favourite character and the main character in this book is Megan.She is my favourite character because we have many connections.For e.g.,if I found out the cure was stolen,I would have done the exact same thing as her. CHARACTERS Cycle Resources PREZI MADE BY:ARIANA WALJI SUMMARY 12-year-old Megan's new life is absolutely impossible to deal with.First of all,she has this rare disease called "ZOMBITUS" which turns any natural human being into a zombie.(I know most of you may thing this is cool,but really,it's not).So the disease doesn't spread like a virus,she must attend a school for zombies called Zombie Academy,and leave her old school,Dana Point.She meets two other zombies there named Sam,and believe it or not,Happy.Sam tells her to stay away from the 3 mean zombies named Brooke,Brenda,and Betsy,or so called MEAN GHOULS.Why,because the are HUGE trouble makers.He also tells her that the school's doctors are working on a cure for the disease!But during the assembly,Mr.Jones,the school's principle reveals to the school that the cure has been stolen!Just like any other detective,Megan is determined to find out who stole it and why.Will her mystery stay a mystery,or will it be solved?READ THE BOOK TO FIND OUT. RECOMMENDATIONS I would recommend this book to anyone who loves mystery,and scary books,which are MY favourite types books to read in the series of ROTTEN APPLE.These are my favourite types of books to read because I love getting the chills and getting to think while I'm reading instead of the book telling me all the answers.So if these are your types of books,then I dare you to read it. MY RATINGS thrilling
scarific(a combination of the words scary and terific)
very interesting WHERE CAN I FIND IT? You can find this book at your local library. THANK YOU FOR LISTENING
TO MY PREZI! FACT Did you know that
Megan's favourite
sport is soccer?
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