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Website Concept

No description

Philip Linder

on 1 July 2015

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Transcript of Website Concept

Profile Contents:
upload photo
work experience
skill set
faculty advisor
writing samples
"what lights you up?"

Work in a group
Apply to join a wonk team
Wonk Team:

faculty advisor
student 1 / PM
student 2
student 3

We will pair individual wonks with projects that can be completed by one person
We offer wonk teams projects that are more complex and require a team of people to complete

Browse available wonks
Sort by wonk teams
team poverty
team education
team environmental sustainability
team women and girls
team leveraging tech
team economic development
Sort by individuals
Website scrolls individual wonk profiles
We will asign individual wonks to a faculty advisor
Start a project
Select project category
Provide a timeline for work

How much will it cost?

Each project category will come with a fixed price based on complexity and number of people required to complete it

Our site will classify projects as an "individual" or "group" project based on client needs and description of proposed work
If individual project
Select from a list of available wonks ready to work on your project

If group project
Select from a number of wonk teams ready to work on your project.
Become a wonk
Work as an individual
Browse function is for viewing only. Once a client creates a project, they can select an individual wonk or a wonk team to work on their project. This allows the client to choose who works on his or her project
Website will notify selected wonks of the project. Wonks have 24 hours to accept the project via email.
Wonk teams are notified of the project and have 24 hours to accept the project via email.
Create a client profile
Individuals (as well as teams) are rated and reviewed by past clients
The services our wonks will offer will meet the demand of the CSR marketplace
Client / Wonk relationship established
Payment is only released to wonk or team once work has been completed and client is satisfied
See what they've worked on
where business meets public policy.
* working title
We wanted to create a website that offered policy students the opportunity to work with business on corporate social responsibility and shared value projects. AmericanWonks offers value to both businesses and students alike: Students get to work on real projects, and business gain access to top notch policy expertise at the fraction of the cost of any big consulting firm. We think its a win for both.
Where did the idea come from?
Businesses or NGOs
How it works
Website will match students with projects

environmental sustainabilty
women and girls
economic development
Project Categories
Strategic Documents
Case studies
Video Production
Policy Analysis
New project initaitives
Market Analysis
Quantitative Research
leveraging technology
Work begins: client can monitor progress online.
Wonk teams
Create a profile
Post projects
Client chooeses individual or team
to work on project
AmericanWonks is a project led by graduate students and faculty from American University's School of Public Affairs. The website will offer the services of graduate stuents and faculty to businesses and NGOs that seek help starting strategic shared value and csr related projects
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