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Tobacco was sold for English currency or pounds.

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Gene Monahan

on 26 October 2016

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Transcript of Tobacco was sold for English currency or pounds.

Why Tobacco is so Important in the Southern Colonies
People like brokers buy the tobacco, sell it to the englender, and buy what the farmer wants with the money. This is a way to earn money.
You could only plant it in the Southern U.S. because you need to plant it in Southern Tidewater, a soil, making tobacco rare-ish.
Though tobacco was tough to harvest, It also took a few years to be ready.
Slaves were bought to raise and harvest the tobacco.
Tidewater is by a coast, and a coast is by waterways, so if they don't want to pay for a broker, they can easily go to the waterways.

Credits to:
Google Images
Table of Contents:
1. Overhead view
3. What tobacco is sold for
4. How the farmers get work done
5. How people earn money off of of tobacco selling
6. How Carribeans are affected
7. Everyday items we wouldn't have without tobacco
7. Without brokers
8. Credits

Tobacco was sold for English currency called pounds.
Why Tobacco was a big cash crop
By: Brendan
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