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Dior Print Ad

No description

Ally Bogan

on 18 February 2013

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Transcript of Dior Print Ad

Print Ad Analysis Overview Brand: Miss Dior - Cherie
Product details
soft floral scent Target Audience Target Age: 18 to 30 years old
coming of age perfume
model in a prom style dress which appealing to high school students
kind of expensive ($75)
Setting: Paris
very romantic and sophisticated setting
targeting very feminine women Layout/Design Evaluation Purpose of ad The ad shows the target audience what the perfume represents.
The print ad is designed for magazines and often includes a sample of the scent which tells the consumer exactly what they are thinking of purchasing.
It interests young women and increases excitement about the style and overall theme of the perfume.
It appeals to a more youthful audience. The design is very fun, cute, and uses light colors.
The background is Paris, France which keeps in theme with the brand's origins.
The model and the product catches attention right away.
The consumer's attention is drawn to the brand name next and then follows upwards and focuses on the different fun colors of the balloons.
The contrast between the model's bright dress against the light background makes you look directly to her and the product in her arms. Elements of Persuasion Effectiveness of Ad Conclusion This presentation has been brought to you by Ads-R-Us! THANK YOU! :) Ethos
The ad speaks to the credibility of the company.
Brand equity: high price, good quality, brand recognition.
It appeals to emotions of target audience: happiness, youthful, adventurous.
The ad makes the consumer want to be the model, to be part of the fantasy.
The ad is not appealing to logos, focuses on ethos and pathos. The ad is eye appealing and relates to target audience.
The brand and purpose of the ad is very clear.
The colors and design theme work well with the scent of the perfume.
The goals for this ad were met.
The message from the print ad is consistent with the rest of their campaign. Overview Continued Background Info about the Ad Two parts to the ad
Campaign was launched in spring/summer 2009
There are two commercials that go along with the print ad Dior - Behind Ad Campaign Fragrance Miss Dior Cherie / Fashion ads. (n.d.). Fashion Ads / Fashion Ad Explorer. Retrieved February 17, 2013, from http://www.fashionadexplorer.com/l-dior--c-behind-ad-campaign-fragrance-miss-dior-cherie Reference: Mariel Barcelona
Danika Petersen
Alex Santibanez
Ally Bogan Presented by: Very effective
eye appealing
Young women aspire to be like the "Dior Girl"
Versatile perfume "every moment can be a Dior moment"
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