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No description

Abdallah Aburumman

on 26 April 2013

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Transcript of VoIP

IP Phones Call forwarding ATA Sound Waves travel through the air by vibrating the air Analog Wave The goal was to create a circuit between two phones Phones Evolved 20 Seconds to dial
a number with too
many 0's, 9's and 8's!!! Options Analog Telephone Adapters
Rj-11 to USB
Rj-11 to Rj-45
$20 a year- $80 month
QoS not very stable It is an adapter and phone combined It is costly. Used $90-$239 Pretty LCD displays Allows more than one call at a time Different VoIP providers can be used Best Quality of Service (QoS) COmputer-to-COmputer Hey,
Whats up? First form of VoIP It is 100% free Requires computers & same software Machines running and logged in Possibility of Video Conference It is now Mobile Saves Money Busy tone Three-way calling Send caller to
funny hotline Security
Concerns &
Economical impact Service Providers have to compete with the whole world now. Companies profit from being able to pay lower wages and fewer taxes to workers in developing countries. Intense competition could also lead to companies to offer these services extremely inexpensive; which without a good financial analysis could lead to bankruptcy. VoIP is easier to intercept. Vulnerable to computer packets attacks (DoS, virus, worm, trojan, etc...) VoIP Limitations VoIP is heavily dependent of the Internet Many do not offer Special
Equipment Special Vendors Special
Training $$$$$ PSTN Sound waves to Analog Electric signals BY R0MZ
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