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Joseph Stalin

No description

Samantha Paterson

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of Joseph Stalin

Joseph Stalin was the second leader of the Soviet Union. Stalin was a nickname
that he kept on, but it was
rumored that he had dozens
of other nicknames for secret
communications. Born in Gori Georgia to serf parents in harsh poor living conditions. Studied Russian Orthodox Christianity
to become a priest until he was 20. 6 people were arrested
and accused of poisioning Stalin.
He died before the trial started. Followed Vladmir Lenin's ideology of centralism and a strong party of proffesional revolutionaries. Caused over 5 million people to die because of famine. He murdered an estimate of 20 million people. Didn't want to fight against Hitler to give him the wrong impression. Large sections of Germany came under Stalin's Soviet Union occupation by 1944. Was involved in underground organizations since he was kicked out of school. Murdered people to protect his own power. Was in an agreement that split Europe in 2 with Nazi Nations, until Hitler broke the agreement and attacked the Soviet Union. Yakov, his son, attempted to kill himself becuase of his father's harshness. He failed. Joseph Stalin
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