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No description

on 28 November 2013

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Transcript of Reemonda


Reemonda Dessert
Lee Ee Meng
Low Sue Wen
Soo Qiao Qi
Tan Yi Qi
Tania Siew Jo Yin

Product and services
Proposed Budget
Statement of Problem
- lack of fund to hold the event
- lack fund in purchasing raw material

-Reemonda dessert will set up our stall at UTAR, PE block, in front of PE 008

-Our promotion plan for the chocolate will be carried out an advance week before the 2 days flea market event.

-Hit the profit at RM882.70 . For uncertain impact of operational cost, our forecasted profit will be around RM 800-RM900.

-Clarify all of our thoughts and ideas propose our proposal to our sponsor. This is to enhance the confident in our sponsor
-2 days flea market event

-Fund raising

-Selling shake,ice-cream,and chocolate
Club Description
-Reaching out to a community in need

-Develop leadership qualities

-Proper attitude to face stress
Objectives and Mission
- Gain experience

-knowledge on how to communicate

-engage with customers besides

-Importance of time management and
communication with committee members

-Forecasted net profit will be RM 882.70.
Based on Jim Harvey's speech structures
Event Committee
Tania Siew Jo Yin
Assistant Secretary
Low Sue Wen
Soo Qiao Qi
Vice Treasurer
Tan Yi Qi
Lee Ee Meng

Request for a sponsorship from the company

Launch the marketing strategy

Collect back the survey question and start to analysis

Complete a business proposal

Distribute the survey question to UTAR students and staffs

Decorate booth and start the business

Distribute team and carry out action plan

Create survey question

Ice cream

Quantity Price

Yam ice-cream 5 boxes (20scoops) RM20.00
Chocolate ice-cream 15 boxes (20scoops) RM75.00
Vanilla ice-cream 15 boxes (20scoops) RM75.00
Biscuit cone 250 pieces


Total RM245.50

Materials Quantity(per unit) Price

Chocolate ice-cream 8 boxes (20scoops) RM40.00
Plastic cup 50 units RM24.00
Milk 8 (1 liter ) RM70.00
Ice cube 10 bags RM20.00
Chocolate bar 8 bars (1 KG) RM112.00

Total RM266.00

Materials Quantity Price

Chocolate Bar 2 bars RM42.00
Wrapping Paper 15 rows RM22.50
Gift Box 100 units RM40.00
Ribbon 60 meters RM18.00
A4 1 stack RM7.00
String 15 meters RM10.00

Total RM139.50

Items Quantity Price

Flyers 250 RM12.50
Chocolate rice 1KG RM2.00
Plain whipped cream 5 cans RM35.00

Total RM49.50

-Packaging our chocolate with wrapping paper and ribbon as gift purpose

-Facebook as advertising platform

-Pre-order event starts a week advance before the 2 days flea market

-The promotion price for this chocolate gift will only be RM2.59 instead of RM2.99
What to sell?
Why we are selling three of them?
Why ice cream?
How about shake?
Marketing strategy of ice cream
-From the previous slide , students willing to pay RM 3 for 3 scoop of cone ice cream.
-Based of the right diagram , 67% of the students are willing to pay RM 1 for extra scoop of ice cream
Expand the market segment
Selling at RM2 for 2 scoops of cone ice cream with chocolate chips
-RM 1 add on for extra scoop of ice cream
- 67% of the students are willing to pay RM1.00 add-on for an extra scoop of ice-cream on the shake

-Earn marginal revenue from the add-on

- The first 30 students who buy the shake will be added whipped cream
Proposed Profit
Event details
- Our stall will be setting up at UTAR, PE block

-Start from 8.00 am until 4.00pm
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