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Group C1

No description

Phil Rowland

on 26 October 2012

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Transcript of Group C1

TRENDS Art Fashion Music Architecture Film Media PAST CULTURAL TRENDS Architecture Fashion Art CULTURAL
TRENDS Music Visual Design 3-D Design Film Media Visual Design Art Fashion Music Architecture Film Media CULTURAL TRENDS Architecture Fashion Art Music Visual Design 3-D Design Film Media Visual Design Retail Street THINK TANK Forecast Trends 2015 SOCIAL
PATTERNS Lifestyle Environment Technology Economy Consumer Environment Lifestyle Economy Leisure Work Technology Leisure Work Market Typology FUTURE MACRO
Direction Concept Colour Direction Material
Direction Material Direction Concept 1960's Mechanical references House of Bones, Gaudi
Barcelona Salvador Dali Folk/Hippy Biopic of Ian Curtis, by Dutch Photographer
Anton Corbijn, 2007 Prometheus, Dir. Ridley Scott 2012
I find this film both beautiful and disturbing. Pink Floyd, 1973. The cover, by George Hardie is thought provoking because the name is open to interpretation and the image merges art, science and music into one concept.
I also love music from this era. I find the lyrics very poignant, because they are just as relavent today as they were when John Lennon wrote the song. Also I find it interesting as the song is representative of his perspective on life at the time, having left The Beatles. Zaha Hadid, 2012 Venice Bienale
2D Print Design/ 3D Shape and Form Philippe Petit high-wire walked across the Twin Towers of the World Trade Centre in 1974. I find it inspirational because he was willing to push the boundaries of society, and risk his life for something he was passionate about. 'Life', by Marc Streitenfeld
Prometheus OST 'Fish Beach', by Michael Nyman Baker Street Robbery, 1971
This was a robbery of the safety deposit boxes at a branch of Lloyds Bank, Marylebone. Barbara Hepworth's workshop, Tate St Ives, Cornwall.
I found it inspiring because her workshop has been kept the same since her death- an insight into her world. The Unilever Series: Ai Weiwei. 'Sunflower Seeds', 2010/11
In Communist China, propaganda images showed Chairman Mao as the sun and the mass of people as sunflowers turning towards him. I'm inspired by how this installation challenges that, and represents dystopian Chinese society. WOMEN'S SPRING/SUMMER 2007 "SARABANDE"
This is Collection is so Beautiful and reflects traditional
tailoring, favourite piece is the dress made of coutured hand made flowers, so delicate. Such a great song from the 1960's Shout, by Lulu
Represents how the 1960's was so up beat, makes
you want to dance Damien Hirst's Butterflys, outstanding perfectly placed. Blade Runner, 1982. Dir. Ridley Scott
Futurisitic, Dystopian Inception, Dir. Christopher Nolan 2010
Philosophy really interests me. How can we determine what is real, and what is imaginary? Martin Parr Photography 1950's Capturing Classic Beach Britain Ara Jo The Paper Dress Henna Tattooing: traditional cerimonal body art Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao Bull Ring Birmingham Dan Mountford, Photographer Andy Gilmore Graphic designs are so Beautiful and Mathematically correct Neri & Hu Shangai Matthew Brandt Lakes & Reservoirs
- Takes images of lakes and immerses the photograph in water taken from the lake. Jarden's Showroom by IF architecture photographed on film. Rita Ackermann, Fire By Days XV, 2011 pantone tarts by emilie de griottes Yves Saint Laurent, 1966. John Stezaker
Recently shown at the Out of Focus Exhibition at Saatchi Find Johnny Cash very interesting and his relationship with June. Also found the film walk the line inspiring too. Yves Klein, Anthropometries Of The Blue Period (performance), 1960 Acne glasses from the spring 2012 collection. Creative Review - Peter Saville Suspended treehouse. Modern design, yet traditional materials. Victorian Surrealism. Submarine. A tale of a teenage boy, falling in love whilst dealing with his own family problems. Excellent soundtrack by Alex Turner, too. Drive, 2011 I love the aesthetics of dated products, and how that can be reworked into a contemporary design Conventional treehouse. Andy Goldsworthy,
Fig. 3. German supermodel, Veruschka, wearing Pucci in the 1960's. Evolution, Future, Metamorphosis, Origin, Transmogrification, Mutation, Rebirth, Modification, Regeneration, Transformation, Transmute, Xenomorph, Technomorphic, Genetic, Bio-Genetic, Morphe, Morphic, Cloning, Technosensual, Beginnings, DNA, Biological Vintage, Renewal,
Retro, Organic, Environmental, Elegance, Sleek, Modernism, Chic. Moroccan buildings. Susan Derges
-Photographs developed by water reflections and moonlight. Swallowable Parfum by Lucy McRae
With the help of biologist Sheref Mansy, body architect Lucy McRae has developed Swallowable Parfum: a digestible capsule which consists of synthesised fragrant lipid molecules that mimic the structure of normal human fat molecules. Gifs of MRI scanning of Vegetables - Andy Ellison Chandeliers Made from Salvaged Bicycle Parts An interactive cloud made up of 6,000 lightbulbs Technological Mandalas Made
from Soldered Computer
and Radio Components Food photographed with a microscope. A pop tart and shrimps tail. Underwater Experiments Continued: Wonderful New Photos of Jellyfish by Alexander Semenov Moth Trails at night
caught using long exposure Reaction between squids and sound. Techonlogical, Illusion,hallucination, Nature, Undiscovered, concealed, consumed, minute, atomi, microbic, meticulous, distinguish, originate, juxtapose, conjoin, entwine Caleb Charland frequently merges art
and science in this case to create
alternative sources of light. Mechanical Sculptures Built from
Discarded Objects by Andrea Petrachi A Macro Mite Robot fish patrol for damge and pollutant leaks. Painting created from torn magazines. Volcanoes created using lights and wool. Facet, Koliedoscope, Symmetry, Organic Metamphorhesis
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