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No description

Mikayla Milne

on 21 November 2014

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Transcript of Identity

Media's Over Whelming Influen
Stephiane Mann
The Nation promotes a change of
individuality to be socially accepted.
Megan Duricka
Mikayla Milne
Media's Influence
Polly Moore
Stephanie Mann
What defines Megan:
What defines Stephanie:
Our Definition of Identity
Expressing who you are as an individual through knowledge, relationships and characteristics based on who you were, are, and will become.
What to buy
What to wear
Music to listen to
The 'How To' for fitting in:
Nation pushes for people to fit the Ideal
The Push For Success Rather Than Learning
Standardized Testing
"I am my GPA"
Grouping by age rather than ability
Too high of expectations
Meeting state standards for funding
The Nation Says Being "Smart" Are These Characteristics Alone
The Push to be Accepted
Social acceptance
Judge others by their worst offenses
Judge ourselves by our best intentions
The desire to fit in-- Conformity
Social media provides a false perceptions of reality
Only portray what we want others to say
Can say or be whomever
How does our Nation Enforce personal Identity?
Though we are each different in beliefs, families, and backgrounds, we all become alike through the influence of media, peers and education. We are stripped of our individuality to embody a specific identity to meet the Nation's Ideal.

Large families
Live in Sherwood, Sherwood High
Watch similar TV shows
Have social media
Wear similar clothes
Want to go to college
What defines Mikayla:
What Defines Polly:
Large family
Parents went to BYU
I want to go to BYU
Passionate about education
Grew up in Vermont
East Coast food
Share a room
Taught patience and compromise
Stronger family relationships with siblings
Media's Impact
I believe that who I am is based upon things I enjoy, where I come from, how I was raised, and goals I have for myself.
Despite Our Differences,
We Are All Similar
Each of Us are Different
Grew up different places
Unique ancestry
In what we enjoy doing
Family policies and practices
Born in Provo
Lived there until 5
Parents went to BYU
My education goals involve BYU Provo
Large family
Respect and compassion
I believe my identity is based on where I come from, my family, traditions, doing the things I love, and my goals for the future.
Close-knit family
Put others first
Cousins as friends
Make Videos
Dance/Performing Arts
My identity is based on my religion, Romanian background and traditions, and especially the person I am when I'm with my extended family.
Born in Orem, Utah
3 sisters, 1 brother
Both parents graduated from BYU
My dad's influence
My sister Melissa's influence/independence
College decision
I believe my identity to be based heavily on the way I was raised with my family, however, that influence has also pushed my own personal beliefs and decisions, whether or not they align, for the future.
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