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APA and Academic Writing

No description

Brooke Soles

on 23 July 2016

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Transcript of APA and Academic Writing

American Psychological Association (APA) Overview
and Academic Writing Tips
University of California, Los Angeles
Graduate School of Education, Principal Leadership Institute
Dr. Brooke Soles
July 23, 2016

1. Welcome!
2. Technical and Contextual Resources
4. APA: Try it!
5. Academic Writing Tips
6. Questions?
Technical Resources
Your Questions
UCLA Graduate Writing Center
Basics of APA Style Tutorial Video
APA Official Website
Elevator Pitch:
I am...and my research focuses on...
My areas of interest include...
My thesis examines...

I am Brooke Soles and my research focuses on equity-based, K-12 educational leadership. My areas of interest include school reculturing, moral leadership, and inclusive practices. My thesis examines including marginalized LGBT students in courageous conversations with all educational stakeholders.
What do you hope to learn today?

Share this hope with your neighbor.

A few volunteers share their hopes with the whole class.
Contextual Resources
PLI Papers, Articles, Texts

APA: Try it!
Academic Writing Tips
Find two sources you would like to cite.

Use the resources provided to write the references.

Helpful Words and Phrases
What's Up Doc?

Using the resources above, write two sentences related to your current project/paper.
Dr. Brooke Soles
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