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No description

Goot Al-Buainain

on 2 November 2013

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Transcript of Articles

The definite article the
is used before countable and uncountable nouns .
1- before nouns when we refer to them in their general sense .
The indefinite article
a/an is used before singular countable nouns.
A pilot flies an aeroplane
2- When we mention something for the first time.
I got a letter yesterday
3- When talking about someone's job .
My sister is a nurse
is used :

1- before something specific or already mentioned.
I have to go to the dentist.
I bought two T-shirts and a dress. The dress is white.
2- for things that are unique.
The sun heats the earth.
3- for things that are defined.
The house which is next to ours is 300 years old.
4- with the superlative of adjectives/adverbs
Joan is the best student of all
5- before names of seas, oceans, rivers, deserts, groups of
islands, mountain ranges and countries in the plural
the Black Sea, the Indian Ocean, the Thames, the
Kalahari Desert, the Azores, the Alps, the USA

6- before nationalities when we refer to the whole nation .
The Chinese invented paper thousands of years ago.
7- before people’s surnames when we refer to the whole family.
The Simpsons came to see us last night.
8- with: hotels, restaurants, museums.
the Hilton, the Pasta House, the British Museum
9- with newspapers, services and organisations.
the Guardian, the police, the United Nations
10- with adjectives referring to classes of people.
the old, the blind, the poor
is not used:
1- before countable and uncountable nouns which refer to something general or not mentioned before.
He loves chocolate.
Whales are mammals.
Maggie Smith, Oxford Street, Rome, Italy, Europe, Corsica, Mount Everest
3- before the days of the week and months.
on Monday, in June
4- before names of squares, parks and lakes.
Trafalgar Square, Central Park, Lake Winnipeg
5- before the names of magazines, sports, games, colours, school subjects and languages (when they are not followed by the word language).
Newsweek, tennis, Monopoly, white, Maths, Spanish
6- with meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner).
What did you have for breakfast?
7- before the words bed, court, church, home, hospital, prison, school, university, work when they are used for the purpose for which they exist.
Thomas went to university to study engineering.
: Peter went to the university to visit his professor.
When we talk about a specific meal, we use the:
I didn’t enjoy the dinner on the plane.
8- before names of airlines or companies.
Air France, BMW
2- before names of people, streets, cities, countries,
continents, islands and mountains.
Not Used
Done by :
Goot Sanad AL-Buainain

2013 - 2014 AD

Supervision by :
Mrs. Arwa Al-aqeel
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