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Exploration and Colonization of Australia

No description

Drew Christopher

on 3 March 2013

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Transcript of Exploration and Colonization of Australia

Australia: Debtors' Colony . Australia was primarily established as a penal colony or a debtor’s colony to relieve England’s overcrowded jails.
In 1778, England transported hundreds of convicts to Australia and forced them to establish the new territory.
These convicts were required to work in the areas of carpentry, farming, and masonry in order to develop the land.
Life for the convicts was hard in the new land. They were given little food, water, shelter, and medicine.
Eventually, these convicts earned their freedom. Discovering Australia 1770: British Lieutenant James Cook discovered Australia and claimed the land for the British.
Britain began settling in Australia was because the island was a convenient location for the Royal Navy.
Its location made it an easy access route for English traders wanting to trade with the Far East. Exploration and Colonization
of Australia SS6H9 The student will explain the impact European exploration and colonization had on Australia.
a. Explain the reasons for British colonization of Australia; include the use of prisoners as colonists.
b. Explain the impact of European colonization of Australia in terms of diseases and weapons on the indigenous peoples of Australia.
Settling Down After the land was established, free settlers from Britain began arriving in the newly created colony, New South Wales.
These settlers hoped to find wealth and began to explorer Australian areas such as the outback.
Many of these settlers perished on their journeys because of lack of resources. An Encounter with the Natives During exploration, the British encountered a group of natives called the Aborigines.
The Aborigines had lived on this land for thousands of years.
As new land was discovered, the British began pushing the Aborigines out of their homes and into regions such as the outback.
By 1864, Australia had grown and established four colonies.
Van Diemen’s Island (a penal colony)
Western Australia
South Australia
New South Wales. British vs. Aborigines Colonization resulted in the British forcing the Aborigines off of their land.
The Aborigines were no match for the advanced weapons of their competitors.
Another weapon the British had to defeat the Aborigines was disease.
Life Afterward Some Aborigines chose to live among the British.
Assimilate: Absorb and integrate (people, ideas, or culture) into a wider society or culture.
Aborigines assimilated into the British culture.
They were often treated just as the debtors were.
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