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2014-2015 Spring Semester Course Registration-Graduate Programs

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Elka Ozkan

on 15 January 2015

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Transcript of 2014-2015 Spring Semester Course Registration-Graduate Programs

Term Registration
for Graduate Programs
Academic Year 2014-2015 Spring Semester

after selecting your courses ...
wish you a good academic year
things to do before term registration
check the courses that you will take this term
take a look at course catalog
if you will take a course with consent or special capacity, take approval from course's instructors
you may see your advisor's, program coordinator's, and other instructor's communication info on rehber.bilgi.edu.tr'de
you will see your GPA and other information before you start registration.

your GPA
be careful about these during your term registration
First, read carefully the instructions about term registration
First, note the term registration dates
when you click on Schedule, you will see your Registration Code

Don't forget to send this Registration Code to you advisor or program coordinator to get approval!
you may register to your courses on your Student Page between February 9 and 16, 2015
we will show you your F courses (if there is any).

Repeat Courses

after, offering repeat courses, then we will offer you, your core courses that you should take this term.

you may follow your credit load while you continue to your registration.

core courses and electives
check your credit load
if you have selected your courses,
finish your registration

registration code
approval process
After you get your approval form your advisor, your term registration is completed

If your advisor does not approve your term registration due to a reason, you should get an appointment and start to your term registration again
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