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Boyfriend's Guide to the Girlfriend

How to Interpret Nuances and Read Minds; Targeting good relationship behavior.

E Stiller

on 17 February 2013

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Transcript of Boyfriend's Guide to the Girlfriend

For Boyfriends Everywhere Guide to the Girlfriend The Magic Question Clues for Her Mind What the Clues Mean Knock-Out Date Ideas, Cont. Knock-out Date Ideas Knock-Out Date Ideas, Cont. Because she really loves you! Silence
Biting her lip
Eyes down cast She is nervous about something.
She is stressed about something.
She is frustrated about something.
She is (insert emotion) about (anything). Night In
Candlelight, Home Cooked Meal
Pizza and Video Games
Chinese and a Cheesy Movie
Living Room Picnic
Chocolate-Covered Strawberries
Build a Fort
Watch Sunrise/Sunset
Snuggle By the Fire
Share Some Hot Cocoa
Give Concerts to/with Each Other Breath of Fresh Air
Stroll in the Park with the Pooch
Go Swimming
Walk Along the Beach (real or fake)
Outdoor Picnic
Take a Hike
"Let's Go Fly a Kite"
Stargazing in the Backyard
Bike Ride
Rock/Tree Climbing
Trail Rides
Snowball Fight
Build a Snowman/woman On the Town
Art Show
Visit a Zoo or Aquarium
Cafe Day - Poetry, Pastries, THE WORKS!
County/State Fair
Poke Around in a Book/Antique Store
Dancing at a Club or Ballroom
See a Show/Play/Concert
"Night at the Museum"
Buy a Sweet from the Candy Store for Each Other
Ice/Roller Skating This is the best question to have in you arsenal for when you are worried about you girlfriend. ...Just to listen?" ...Give suggestions?" ...Do something for you?" "Do you want me to... Many times, you girlfriend will seem ... Internally worried. Pursing lips
Seeking subject changers Repeating conversations
Saying "so" a lot
Saying "never mind" a lot She most likely wants to talk about whatever is bothering her. If so, encourage her
to talk about it with the Magic Question. That will get her talking. Here's a few hints about when that question would be useful. :) Not enough? What these tell you are as follows. Also, your thoughts are valued too. If you have something on your mind, feel free to say it. Use the Magic Question on yourself to get started. Do you want her to...? Great! The tension is lifted. Now, for a date. Ooh! An adventurer, eh? Try the outdoor ideas. :) And for a Night on the Town... You can't go wrong with these! Now you are set! Have fun with the girlfriend!
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