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Computer Aided Manufacturing

Alex Wong, Casey Martin

Alex Wong

on 23 October 2012

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Transcript of Computer Aided Manufacturing

Computer-Aided Manufacturing Alex Wong Casey Martin A form of automation where computers communicate work instructions (CAD) directly to the manufacturing machinery to create the product
Today a single computer can control banks of robotic:
Milling Machines
Welding Machines
Also Other Tools
Moving the product from machine to machine as each step in the manufacturing process is completed
Such systems allow easy, fast reprogramming from the computer, permitting quick implementation of design changes What Is Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM)? Systems were directed by a set of coded instructions in a punched paper tape
The proposal to develop the first numerically controlled machine was commissioned to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) from the US Air Force in the year 1949
The machine was demonstrated in the year 1952. 1950's The major development of the CAD/CAM machines evolved 1972 1976 3D CAM/CAD systems were introduced Expert CAM/CAD systems were developed in the year The major development of the CAM systems provides you with easier manufacturing of objects with high efficiency 1989 Today Computer-aided manufacturing - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. (2012, October 11). Wikipedia, the
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Dictionary, Thesaurus and Encyclopedia.. (n.d.). Dictionary, Encyclopedia and Thesaurus - The Free Dictionary. Retrieved October 19, 2012, from References Block 4 - Mechanical Drawing II Great Precision Computer software is used to...
Create details
Input precise instructions for the machinery to manufacture parts
The software and machinery uses numerical control (NC) applications that include precise measurements
As a result, the manufacturing process can be repeated over and over to create the exact same part
Such precision is impossible with hand-held or hand-controlled tools
This precision results in a higher quality and uniformity of parts and goods CAD Model and CNC Machined Part People Are Still Needed Many workers have feared that the increased use of robotic tools would eliminate jobs
Although this might be true to some degree, the robotic machines that are commonly used in factories still require human workers.
The nature of those workers' jobs often change
Repetitive tasks are can be completed by machines
Human workers' job descriptions move more toward things such as set-up, quality control, creating the initial designs and machine maintenance. Some CAM systems...
Provide additional automation by keeping track of materials used.
Automate the ordering process from suppliers or the delivery process from the manufacturer's inventory.
Automate the process for requesting tool maintenance, repair or replacement. Resource Management
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