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Baptism project

No description

Kat Franke

on 23 October 2012

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Transcript of Baptism project

a sacrament of initiation Baptism Where Does Baptism Come From? Baptism The word Baptism comes from the Greek word "Baptisma", which in turn was the word for the act of dipping or washing an article. It also used by the Greeks for the process of dieing. In Ezekiel 36:24-27, the prophecy Yahweh will pour clean water over his people and cleansed and filled with new heart and new spirit when God places his very spirit within them.
The other verses we thought that prefigured Baptism was Exodus 30:17-21. When the priest cleansed themselves with blessed water so that they might be fit to work in the tabernacle. 2 Scripture Verses That Prefigure Baptism A scripture verse about Jesus' Baptism is Romans 6:4, which says "Therefore we are buried with him by Baptism in death: that like as Christ was raised up from the dead by the glory of the father, even so we also should walk in newness of life." As Christians we believe that through Baptism we are reborn as members of Christ family and the church. Jesus' Baptism. 1217- "Father, you give us grace through sacramental signs, which tell us of the wonders of your unseen power. In Baptism we use your gift of water, which you have made a rich symbol of the grace you give us in this sacrament."
1219- "The waters of the great flood you made a sign of the waters of Baptism that make an end of sin and a new beginning of goodness." 2 Quotes From the CCC Who Can Be Baptized? Anybody can be Baptized but when you want to be Baptized you need to want to become a child of God, and realizes that our God is the one and only God in existence. Form and Matter of Baptism The form of Baptism are the words said by the priest, which are "I Baptize you in the name of the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit." The Matter of Baptism or the elements are the acts being preformed by the priest. in the case of Baptism he is pouring water over the baby's forehead and anointing it with oil in the sign of the cross. Baptism in the Catholic Church Baptism in the Catholic Church is when you become an adopted child of God. when you get Baptized you are saying "yes" to God and to the Catholic Church's beliefs. Thomas Merton In1938, Sy Freedgood, introduced Thomas Merton to a Hindu monk, who told Thomas to read Saint Augustine's Confessions. Thomas did as he was told, and later was rewarded when a part-time lecturer in his class commented that he saw some of St. Augustine in Thomas. Thomas then converted to Catholicism. He continued to feel called to give his life to God, but was not let into the Franciscan monks, they said it was because of the incident with his illegitimate child.
While he was teaching at St. Bonaventure's College in New York, he heard of The Abbey of Our Lady of Gethsemani, monastery near Bardstown, Kentucky. He was eventually accepted with the intention of becoming a priest at Gethsemani on December 13, 1941. When asked about his baptism he talked about the place he was baptized, the church of Corpus Christi. he said this about the church "The words, songs, ceremonies, signs, movements of worship are all designed to open the mind and heart of the participant to this experience of oneness in Christ. One reason why I am a Catholic, a monk and a priest today is that I first went to Mass, and kept going to Mass, in a Church where these things were realized. . . . There was nothing new or revolutionary about it; only that everything was well done, not out of aestheticism or rubrical obsessiveness, but out of love for God and His truth. It would certainly be ingratitude of me of I did not remember the atmosphere of joy, light, and at least relative openness and spontaneity that filled Corpus Christi at solemn High Mass." He was baptized at the baptismal font in the church on November 16, 1938.
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