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Time Line

No description

Macarena Mantilla

on 15 September 2015

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Transcript of Time Line

... -4000 b.c.
4000 b.c.-V
Ice Ages
Old Age
Invention of writing
Renaissance in art
18th century
French Revolution
19th century
Industrial Revolution
20th century
Second World War
Middle Ages
21st century
Fall of the twin towers
Were caused by changes in the Earth's rotation and solar radiation.
In total there have been 9 ice ages. Most of the ice ages lasted millions of years.
Most of the animals died because of the cold weather and this caused some humans died because they don't have food.
It caused the creation of laws and languages.
In Babylon the laws that they were written on a rock. In Egypt they wrote in hieroglyphics.
Today there are approximately 3000 languages. That's why we can read and write nowadays.
The causes for this terrible event were religious and politican.
The people who were Christian go to the middle east for recover the holy places held by the Muslims. Also they carried crucifixes when they recover the holy places.
Most of the people that do this work died. Also the children were involved in this fight because when the most of the adults died they go to replace them.
It caused new painters and new ideas of art.
In Italy the city of the renaissance is Florence. The artists that are known as the renaissance artists are Donattelo, Rafael, Leonardo Da Vinci and Miguel Ángel.
They revolutionized the concept of art and they made the most wonderful and famous works in the world.
The causes of this period were political, economic and social.
It begins with the storming of the bastille by the revolutionaries. They killed the king Louis XVI with the guillotine.
This fact helps to start the Reign of Terror. When it finished Napoleón Bonapart was the king of France.
It caused technological changes and changes in the way of production.
Some of the machines that were created work with steam. Some examples are the locomotives and boats.
Finally this change the steam for the electricity and the engine.
The causes were nationalism, imperialism and the Great Depression.
One of the most terrible events of the World War II was the killing of Jews by the Nazis. The Nazis were directed by Adolf Hitler.
The consequences of this war was the creation of the united nations. Also it caused the death of millions of Jews.
The Islamic extremists wanted to prove that terrorism could reach anywhere in the world.
This happen on September 11, 2001. Two jets crashed in the World Trade Center in the New York City.
The twin towers were completely destroyed and this caused the death of the most of the people.
Cuaderno de noveno de basica
History of our world. Volume 2: The Modern World
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