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What Did Convicts Eat And Wear On The Ships?

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Bridie B

on 15 July 2014

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Transcript of What Did Convicts Eat And Wear On The Ships?

What Did Convicts Eat And Wear On The Ships?
Convicts Clothes
Convicts wore pieces of cloth,rags and different materials. The arrows showed that convicts were the property of the British government.For cloths, they wore ,two jackets,one pair of breeches,one waistcoat,two pairs of shoes, one hat and two shirts.

Convicts didn't get perfect clothes back then.
Not all materials were as perfect as ours.
Convicts couldn't choose the stile or color of their clothes, so they had boring brown,black,grey and yellow for the color of their clothes.
They couldn't even choose the food that they wanted.

Convicts Food
Convicts ate bread,hardtack,salted beef or pork,peas,oatmeal,butter,cheese. They also ate rise,fruit,vegetables.
What did convicts eat on the first fleet.(n.d).Ask.
Retrieved from http://
www.ask.com/question/what-did- they-eat-on-the-first-fleet
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